Washington D.C. Socialite Brags About “Hexing” Skills In New Memoir

What a witch who is really really really angry at you might look like.

I won’t say exactly what I did—even now I think that would be bad luck for me—but I practiced what I learned and observed. I worked on the hex for several days until I felt that it would have some effect.
–Sally Quinn, Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir

Here’s a really bizarre story about the “spiritual” memoir of a one Sally Quinn…former wife of late great Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and major Washington D.C. hostess. In her book, entitled Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir, Quinn seems to repeatedly “brag” about—or at least, “admit” to—”hexing” people who later die.

Claiming a longstanding inherited belief and involvement in the occult, she provides a number of “examples” of this ability to fatally curse other people, starting with her mother allegedly telling their vet to “drop dead” after the doctor refused to help any further their beloved dog “Blitztie”—the vet then dies. The same thing allegedly happens to an army pediatrician whom Quinn’s mom felt mistreated the girl.

Then Quinn grows up, and seemingly carries on the “tradition.”

Per a sort of “glib” Washington Post article on the memoir that I think never fully admits how insane this all sounds:

In some of the most troubling passages of this book, she describes casting hexes on people who later died. One was an attractive young woman who flirted with one of Quinn’s earlier boyfriends. “I won’t say exactly what I did — even now I think that would be bad luck for me — but I practiced what I learned and observed. I worked on the hex for several days until I felt that it would have some effect.”

It did, she claims. The woman committed suicide. Quinn vowed never to cast a hex on someone else — a promise she did not keep. When New York magazine wrote an unfavorable profile of her, she “decided to put a hex” on the magazine’s editor, Clay Felker. He later died of cancer. Not her fault, she told herself, “but still, my embedded religion and my Southern upbringing made me believe otherwise.”

Quinn’s last hex came after a psychic gave her a “devastatingly brutal” reading about her son. The woman dropped dead of a cerebral hemorrhage. “I vowed once again never to put another hex on anyone,” she writes. “Believe me, I haven’t, though I have to admit to being sorely tempted on occasion.”

But that’s…3 people. Who she’s *sort* of saying she fatally hexed. Uh…

Of course, this news comes out the same day a passage from Hillary Clinton’s own new memoir, What Happened, reveals the former presidential candidate “wished” for voodoo dolls to take out her anger on perceived enemies:

 Sometimes I snapped at my staff. I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins.

Now, this is hardly on the level of Quinn’s revelations & reveals a frustrated politician more than anything else…but if you think far-right websites didn’t put “2 and 2” together with these stories and brought back “Spirit Cooking” as part of the bargain…

And so ultimately, when you “brag” about putting curses on people and them dying and shit, you make it harder for people who genuinely are interested in magick and whatnot. You can’t bemoan “The Burning Times” and then brag about killing people with your magick. Seriously. That shit is not cool. It’s not coy, and it’s not cool. And yet I’ve witnessed this sort of “I guess I hurt/killed them with my mind” humblebrag a bunch of times.

For fuck’s sake. That’s all the fuck we need…some misfortune happens to Trump, and a bunch of the people doing “coordinated curses” on him start bragging about what badasses they are. Holy crap. Might as well just have Alex Jones on speed dial.

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