New Berenstain Bear Photo Evidence Shows Where The Timelines Split


A Redditor apparently has found photographic evidence pinpointing the exact moment our fake-ass timeline split off from the original. As can be clearly seen in this photo submitted by u/mochanutcoconut, the tags on these stuffed dolls both identify them as “Berenstain Bears” and “Berenstein Bears.” ON THE SAME TAG.

On of the theories of the so-called Mandela Effect is that originally these cartoon bears were known as “The Berenstein Bears,” but when the timelines diverged (or, alternatively, when some of us found ourselves inexplicably placed in a similar-yet-bogus parallel Earth), they became “The Berenstain Bears.”

While this photo was posted in the subreddit r/mildlyinteresting…SURELY THERE IS NOTHING “MILDLY INTERESTING” ABOUT THIS AT ALL!!!

Could it have been that the licensor (if indeed this was a licensed product at all) of the stuffed toy bear product used the pre-approved “Berenstain Bear” logo and then did a crappy job with their own signage, misspelling the word in this pseudo-comic sans font?

No, I think the alternate timeline thing would explain a lot.

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