An Esoteric Interpretation Of Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!”


Redditor MountainDewsRealGood has written a brilliant, straightforward, and detailed overview of the entire plot—complete with deeper symbology—of the new Darren Aronofsky movie Mother!

**Massive** spoilers ahead.

You should read the entire post, but the basic gist is that Jennifer Lawrence’s character is Mother Earth, Javier Bardem’s asshole poet is God, Ed Harris & Michelle Pfeiffer are Adam & Eve, and Kristen Wiig is somewhere between St. Paul and like the Inquisition. The movie traces the main bulletpoints of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but definitely with a somewhat feminist viewpoint.

Given what else I’ve heard about this movie, and the fact that Aronofsky also directed Noah, The Fountain, and Pi, I am of the impression that this “Biblical” interpretation is not a reaching esoteric extrapolation but probably pretty much exactly what the director intended. It also explains a lot of the seemingly inexplicable and batshit insane happenings in the film (like eating a baby).

I had no immediate plans to see Mother!—which, from the ads and whatnot, I had initially assumed was some sort of psychological thriller (though I’m sure you could say the same thing of the Bible). But reading the spoilers actually made me want to see it, because I’m always interested in religious pop-cultural metaphors. I also heard you don’t get the full Mother! experience unless you see it to the end in the theater with a bunch of super-enraged booing people (and I’ve actually been told this by multiple people who’ve seen it).

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