High Hopes With Jeff Bridges


dammit I know this is just a GQ article with a bunch of fashions and shit, but seeing Jeff Bridges with all the Lebowski accoutrement just makes me so happy. I guess we all need our little joys.

To me, Bridges is just this major positive “old wizard/sage” archetype. It probably started as far back as The Fisher King (I mean, just the very beginnings), really expanded with The Big Lebowski, and then sailed into The Men Who Stare At Goats, Tron: Legacy, The Giver, and Seventh Son.

One day I’ll definitely do an archetypes overview post on him like the the ones I did for Jim Carrey and Bill Murray!

the symbol on his shirt here sort of, at first glance, looks like the Eye of Ra…though I guess it could also certainly be an octopus!

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