Beauty Meets The Beast In This Trailer For “Mansfield 66/67”


The friendship of 60’s Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield and Church Of Satan founder Anton LaVey is one for the ages: very reminiscent of the James Dean/Vampira relationship I’ve written about earlier. And the two unlikely pairings have another thing in common: urban legends involving fatal curses.

The upcoming documentary Mansfield 66/67 seems to delve into into the folklore surrounding a curse LaVey allegedly put upon Mansfield—or rather, upon her agent/companion Sam Brody. But also, Mansfield’s general connection to The Church Of Satan seems to be explored here, and, I would imagine, just the burgeoning “alternative religion” landscape of the latter part of the decade as a whole.

I’ll definitely get more into it if I ever do see & review the flick, but the trailer is below just so you get a general idea.

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