Thoughts On That Morgan Freeman Russia Video

Morgan Freeman from the recent “Committee To Investigate Russia” video and a movie poster for the film “Olympus Has Fallen”

Look, I think there was *some* foreign interference in last year’s U.S. election—at least, in terms of online propaganda leading up to it. But I don’t think that precludes me from commenting on that “Committee To Investigate Russia” video that dropped recently starring Morgan Freeman, and how the actor’s cinematic archetypal qualities were very specifically used to “sell” its message.

I have previously discussed the way Freeman is utilized as an icon in my post “The Year Of The Mask: President Two-Face,” especially in terms of the Olympus Has Fallen movie (which specifically deals with an attack on the White House by “Red” North Korea):

HOWEVER, when Asher was incapacitated in the Korean takeover, Morgan Freeman’s character, Speaker Allan Trumbull, is made Acting President. Freeman also played the U.S. president in Deep Impact, alluding to the recent spate of asteroid paranoia that has recently filled the news.

While Freeman resonated both the President-During-The-Apocalypse symbol as well as a possible “stand-in” for our own president, I would also suggest that in the bigger scheme of things, he also resonated a paternalistic, transcendent, “God” figure (as he literally was in Bruce Almighty).

And Freeman, of course, was also a figure in the Nolan Dark Knight movies, especially the third one in which his character was the creator of a bomb that Bane hijacks and threatens to use on Gotham; as Kim Jong-un threatened to do to the U.S.

I can ASSURE you that none of this metatexual pop-culture significance was lost on the people who made that video. And if we needed the lines between Hollywood and real life/world politics to be any more blurred on it, Freeman literally starts the video asking us to consider an actual movie: “imagine this movie script.”

This, to me, is not “proof” that Freeman or those who made that video (a video that begins by saying point-blank that we are at war with Russia, very much in the same vibe as films like Olympus Has Fallen, the Red Dawns, etc.) is “wrong.” But regardless of your politics, it doesn’t change the fact that the video consciously blurs fantasy and reality to create its point…something I’ve provided countless examples of in my series “Year Of The Mask”.

As a side note…if actor/director Rob Reiner (who played “Meathead” in the classic TV sitcom All In The Family) is on the Advisory Board for the Committee To Investigate Russia…and Donald Trump has been often compared to Archie Bunker (Meathead’s “arch-enemy”)…well, it’s the Circle Of Life, then, isn’t it?

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