This Fashion Show Means That The Illuminati Have Jumped The Shark

Can you spot the HIGHLY SYMBOLIC MEANING in this fashion photo???

This ALWAYS happens, man! You get something kinda edgy, something kinda “fringe”…something that only you and selected peeps on the internet know about but that your co-worker thinks you’re a nutter for believing…and then somebody goes and makes haute coutre fashions out of it (which means that these fashions will trickle down in unauthorized versions to like H&M and Forever 21 and those dumb kids at the mall will soon be wearing them).

Case in point: the recentish unveiling of the Dilara Findikoglu Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection, profiled on Vogue (I didn’t originally get this story from Infowars, I swear to God, I was just browsing through like I often do). Held at St Andrews Church (EDGY!!!!!!) and with a “symbols”-laden backdrop that that looks as if Vigilant Citizen sneezed and sort threw up, the fashion show consisted of all sorts of “Illuminati-inspired” gear.

Was this all some sort of “black magic” ritual designed as a “eyes wide open” boast by the Illuminati?  Or does this mean these once-taboo symbols have been used so often that they fail to pack the punch they used to?

If you were the head of a secret occult organization bent on the takeover of the world, would YOU continue to use some of these tired symbols? Would these really “shock” anymore? In a world where the pentagram is given as much spiritual weight and awe as any other textile pattern? In a world where the most world-changing and powerful symbols originate on 4chan?

If you really want to be “in” on the latest symbols and plans, go read up on AI and space exploration and genetic engineering articles. You will get far more of a bigger picture of what the Powers That Be envision our future being from watching like 50 TED Talks than you will ever get analyzing fashion photography with Eye of Ra symbols on them (as admittedly fun as it is to get in that paranoid groove & as much as I like researching that lore).

Nice vinyl vampire poncho, tho.