Some Notes, Mostly Not On Pizzagate


It would be remiss of me to run a site like this and never talk about Pizzagate. For those not aware, Pizzagate was this huge conspiracy theory—fueled by a hack on the email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager—that blew up around the same time as the last months of the 2016 U.S. presidential race. It opined, among other things, that a Washington D.C. pizza parlor was some sort of flashpoint for a major occult-tinged pedophilia ring that had tentacles in the Democratic party.

This post will mostly not be on Pizzagate. And yet Pizzagate theory itself—though widely “debunked” and literally driven underground on the Internet—still has some interesting relevances in a number of ways.

For most of the mainstream public, this is pretty much a closed case. A lot of the “evidence” presented in support of Pizzagate was more along the lines of “symbolic interpretation”—of supposedly coded lines in Podesta emails, of the pizza parlor’s Instagram photos, of the “Sprit Cooking” rituals of Marina Abramović, and so on.

But when Pizzagate was debunked, only the Pizzagate theory was debunked. The idea that there are secretive networks of pedophiles, sometimes woven through outwardly-reputable persons and organizations, was not debunked.

And yet, I’ve seen otherwise intelligent, rational, and liberal-minded people dismiss other potential cases of child abuse networks that crop up as being “just another Pizzagate.” They dismiss the VERY IDEA of the child abuse networks existing as a tin-foil hat conspiracy, an alt-right plot.

But the truth is, the very idea of these networks is not only plausible…it has been conclusively proven several times over. Take the entire Catholic Church pedophile scandal for starters! I don’t even need to move past that to Operation Yewtree and Jimmy Savile. Just sit down and absorb the shit that went down in the church…for decades? Hundreds of years?

And the idea that a trusted public figure like a celebrity or a politician or a…sandwich pitchman…wouldn’t be involved in this stuff? When we have cases as recently as last week of a mayor in possession of child pornography?

The unfortunate fact of the matter is: there have been pedophiles in our society for a very very very long time—in every aspect of our society. And there have been networks of pedophiles operating in different places, watching each other’s back so they don’t get caught, sometimes using their own authority or fame as a tool to get what they want.

Now, do people get wrongfully accused of this stuff? Sure. Does somebody seem “like a weirdo” and gets suspected of this stuff and in the end they didn’t do it but rather they were just a weirdo? (which I think was probably the case with Podesta—Podesta with the the very “molesta”-sounding name, “ped-esta,” which probably in itself made it worse for him—though I am not a Pizzagate “evidence” scholar nor am I a judge nor am I God so I could be wrong). Yes.

But the “pendulum” in the mainstream media seems to mostly swing in two directions: BIG PEDO SCANDAL and PEDO SCANDAL IS FAKE NEWS PAY NO ATTENTION. To ask the public—many of whom are super-distracted, super-overworked, and, let’s face it, super-medicated—to use more critical thinking here and nuance is to ask a lot.

And yet who suffers the most from all this???: yep, it’s the kids who are actually being molested and raped.

I had a boss who used to work in the entertainment industry, specifically movie production, for a long time. And she once told me privately—in the most matter-of-fact, calm way—that pedophiles were rampant in the industry, and in more moneyed circles in general. And she said the reason for this was, these people had so much—so much fame, money, achievements, everything they wanted—that they became bored and life started to feel “meaningless.” And so they needed…a “new frontier,” if you will. They needed a new challenge. And so they went to sex: “the ultimate frontier,” the place of possibly no borders. And some got into BDSM—which is cool; if it’s consensual who cares?—and so you had like literal heads of state and media conglomerates going to dominatrixes and getting the shit flogged out of them (and one story in particular sticks in my mind, but I’d like to not die so I won’t tell it to you).

But some of these people chose to get into having sex with underage persons. Because that was their “ultimate frontier,” ultimate taboo. And some even mixed that up with occulty sort of things, and drugs, and just a whole interrelated tableau of stuff.

And so my boss told me this, and I asked her how she “handled” this information. And she said you just have to sort of ignore it—pretend it’s not happening. She said there were some work acquaintances and friends whom she knew were involved with this stuff in some capacity, and she just sort of stopped speaking to them and/or avoided them (especially as she got older and more of a position of authority herself).

But the one thing that did not happen in that environment was “squealing.” It was something you just did not do. Period.

And what she told me didn’t really surprise me all that much, because I myself have been involved in the entertainment field—albeit largely with its sort of “bastard” younger brother, the comics industry—for almost 20 years.

And so I’ll tell you what happens. You get asked by different people in your workplace—it may be your boss, or your boss’s boss, or the head of the company, or a co-worker of a higher rank, or some sort of “celebrity” in your industry—a bunch of “leading questions” to see what you’re “into.” And on the ground-level that’s like, basically, seeing if you will fuck them. And for the purposes of this post: fine. I’m not even going to touch the issue of sexual harassment here, because it is so all-encompassing and a part of the essential matrix of a lot of these places that it’s almost banal to bring up.

But then they may ask questions to see if…you take drugs? (maybe you can party with them) What are your feelings on drugs? (will you be a rotten dirty snitch?) And then it can move from there to “feeling out” your attitude to various kinky practices (mind you, we are talking about being in an office with your superiors or bosses having this fucking conversation)…and then…and this has happened to me a couple of times…it gets really really really really fucking creepy.

“What do you think about sex tourism?”

You are sitting there, and wondering why the fuck you are having this conversation. And then you sort of get to a point where you answer these questions with a weak smile and an “I don’t know” and just feign utter cluelessness and stupidity.

I used to hear rumors in my industry about this person and that…and there have been a number of cases both in comics proper—like prolific writer Gerard Jones—and in the geek/sci-fi community, such as DragonCon co-founder Edward Kramer.

The sick thing is that in many circles within these communities, you will be the “bad guy” if you bring this stuff up. I guarantee it. I had expressed my concerns about this possibly happening in the comics industry before the Jones incident, just as a very general thing.

And at one point like almost ten years ago, I received all this super-negative blowback for a throwaway line in a post I had written: I had said that I thought Google having a safe-search to prevent children from accessing cartoon pornography was a good thing. This somehow got “translated” to: I was pro-comics censorship. And I had people on the comments section of my blog essentially not only arguing that cartoon child porn shouldn’t have any “filter” to protect kids from accessing it, but that child porn itself was “harmless” and a protected form of free speech.

I really thought I was living in bizarro-land. I had the head of the biggest anti-comics censorship organization taking me to task for being “pro-censorship.” I asked him: how does approving of a Google safe-search option to filter out for minors Dora the Explorer porn = pro-censorship in comics? I asked him: is this really the hill you want to die on regarding this topic?

Another major comics writer, especially triggered by my comments, contacted me personally to tell me that I had “dangerous ideas” & that I should literally not be allowed to blog. He was so upset. Why? Why was he this upset?

For years this had really kind of haunted me. And so when the Gerard Jones thing happened…I was just like Jack’s complete lack of surprise. And when I read this Milo post on “Comicsgate”…my God, I thought my head was going to explode. I was like: why is an alt-righter the one to start looking into this stuff? I was in an industry full of “progressive” people, but it took freakin’ MILO of all people to even bring this up?

But anyway…you know what has become a great tool for the pedophile ensconced in an organized network in our current society? Pizzagate. Pizzagate, which helped propel the “fake news” label as a way to discredit anything that hasn’t been OK’d by the “approved sources.”

It’s sorta like how you had the “Satanic Panic” of the 80s, and then that got publicly “discredited,” and so any other abuse case that involved occult symbology or whatnot was dismissed by many “informed” rational people simply on the basis that “Satanic Panic” was discredited. That the very fact there was “devil worship” or whatever involved in the abuse discredited the abuse. Whereas: I don’t think Anton LaVey was a child abuser, and I don’t believe that the Church of Satan and the majority of people who proclaim to be Satanists are child abusers. BUT. That does not mean there aren’t child abusers out there who are into “satanic” stuff.

I wanted to include in this post the John Podesta so-called “alien disclosure” stuff, and how I think that *probably* put him in a lot of hot water with people and made him more of a target to be “hit” with Pizzagate. But that is a subject that gets deep into the 2016 election, Trump, Wikileaks, UFOlogy, and all sorts of shit that would seem to be better served by a separate post.

But I will end on this: in my admittedly amateur stint as a researcher on these conspiracy topics, one thing has become clear to me. And that is, there are certain “hard limits” to learning about various conspiracies where you can really go no further—much less tell the public about it—before you get your ass in serious trouble or killed. Full stop. And I get the impression this is the case for both UFOlogy and child abuse network rings (Podesta being in the middle of that conspiracy theory Venn diagram).

I think most people who only get pleasure from sexualizing children—and/or, if this is their “ultimate frontier”—are going to do whatever it takes to make that happen & not get in trouble. It’s as primal and as basic as that. They are going to find others like them, they are going to watch each other’s backs, and if they get to a certain level of power they are going to build organizational structures to ensure their safety. And I think this can happen in Hollywood, the church, politics, comics, stamp-collecting groups, what-have-you. It can have Christian or Satanic or New Age or Atheist trappings. It can have all sorts of symbology. But the basic core idea remains.

But you know what? Don’t listen to me. I’m a conspiracy theorist.

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