9.23.17: The World Didn’t End And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt


I have written on this topic several times now, but always tend to wait until the latest Apocalypse has been “averted”—this saves me the possible humiliation of having the world actually end and me being perhaps wrong. The latest EotW (End of the World) date was September 23, 2017, connected with an astrological alignment and Biblical verses.

Somehow, Nibiru—a fabled “rogue planet” that some tie in with the relatively recent discovery of “Planet Nine”—got involved. Then crazy shit started interrupting broadcasts in Orange County—apocalyptic messages telling scared listeners that “extremely violent times will come.” So: crazy stuff happening recently.


And so. What to make of all this?

Well, a one “Christian conspiracy theorist” David Meade made the prediction regarding the Sept. 23 EotW date, tying a “sign” mentioned in The Book Of Revelation with the coming of Nibiru, which would collide into our planet. As Nibiru gets closer, the theory goes, we have an increase in hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic activity—which we, obviously, really do have now.

I believe it is the sync between the present crazy weather and Earth changes and and the prediction date—as well as last month’s total eclipse, which I believe Meade references—that has led the media to “jump” on this story with dozens of EotW stories. You know, some of these prediction dates—like that of the late Harold Camping—get the heavy media coverage, and others just sort of linger in the YouTube conspirosphere. But Meade’s story was definitely picked up.

You tie that to the dissing match between the U.S. and North Korea…and just the general strife and uncertainty in America at the moment…things really do start to look eschatological.

Then add to that the broadcast interruption in Orange County, which turned out to be audio clips spliced together from a call-in guest from an old Art Bell Show and a Christian radio program. These types of mysterious broadcast “break ins” have a long history—from the Max Headroom Incident in 1987, to a 2013 case where a local Montana station had their signal interrupted by an eerie voice claiming “dead bodies are rising from their graves.”

Who would do stuff like that—especially when some people, already primed by the media, are anxious about the EotW? Well…trolls, probably. Though sometimes I wonder if some of those signal intrusions might not be a type of “mass experiment” to see how a certain populace deals with this stuff.

And why would people even pay these sorts of intricate and unlikely Apocalypse theories to begin with? Well, for one thing—and I’m only sadly being half jokey here—they won’t have to worry about their crushing debt anymore. And then there is always the sort of orgasmic pleasure from knowing that you were *right* about both your religion and the End—with you being safely caught up by the Rapture while the non-believers burn.

Setting the Sept 23 thing—ah there’s that magic number again, 23—aside, we are certainly seeing a lot of extreme Earth changes lately. And if Stephen Colbert has suddenly “kinda” defended President Trump as regards to North Korea…well, I feel like somebody got a memo that we are going to “war” soon…so…

My personal take on it is that we have, as a species, gotten extremely “evolved”/technologically developed (not necessarily the same thing) within a relatively short amount of time. It almost feels improbable. And the fact that nothing has come along yet to “squash” that over the past several thousand or hundred years…or in the past 50 or even 10 years…it seems very odd to me. When I read the science on it, we’re really overdue for something to give the Earth the whammy.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: there is some whiff of “intelligent design” here. Not that we aren’t going to get the whammy. And maybe we would get the whammy right when we make our greatest achievement—sort of like if God was Lars von Trier.

But…there is some weird sort of “story” going on here. And like any good story, everybody’s trying to guess how it ends. Maybe God will pull a Shyamalan.