Prince Harry Is Metal


The good people of Twitter want to know: Is this hand sign Prince Harry made during a recent meeting with Melania Trump part of a conspiracy? Was he trying to give a secret “hand signal” to Melania? Is this the first step before the secret English cabal that has been working for over 200 years to get the United States back takes over?

Or was he just trying to say, “Melania sucks!”

exhibit A

Harry is already the subject of a larger conspiracy theory, that he is the actual bonafide no-foolin’ this-is-it-people Anti-Christ. So flashing the “devil horns” sign is only going to increase that controversy. No doubt.

But in my post “Is The Sign Of The Horns Hand Gesture Evil?” I go deeper into the history of the the “devil horns” sign, and its meaning could be anywhere from “Hail Satan” to the good luck mano cornuto to the phrase “I love you” in American sign language.

But I think I’ve got it: Harry is a Ronnie James Dio fan. I fucking figured it out, man.

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