Bruno Borges Room Now Open To Public As Shrine


You know, it’s been a while since we checked in on our old friend Bruno Borges—the 27-year-old Brazilian psychology student who mysteriously disappeared in March, leaving behind a temple-like room with symbols on the walls, a life-sized Giordano Bruno statue, and a set of books written in code.

Well, since finally coming home in August—his parents publishing the first volume of his TAC – Knowledge Absorption Theory in his absence—Borges has not been getting the sort of press he used to get when he was vanished. And so: Borges has announced that he is opening his famous room (in the house he lives in with his parents) to the public. As sort of a…”shrine?”

As Bruno explained to Globo (translated via Google from the original Portuguese, so maybe a little clunky):

The room is open for anyone who wants to see, there is a trail in it, which hardly anyone noticed. It’s to make a tourism type, because it’s a work of art that should be an inspiration for people, because it has the spiritual part of that project too…I always open the gate for those who arrive wanting to see.

Surprisingly, Bruno readily admits that part of the theory Brazilian authorities had regarding his disappearance—that it was part of a marketing stunt for his books—was at least partially true:

I wanted to do this because I was very obsessed with this truth and I was finding a lot of information and at the same time I was thirsty to show my ideas to the whole world and could not have openness. Not even my family wanted to listen to my ideas…

It was intended to draw the attention of the whole world, but always intentionally. I really thought I was going to change the world with my ideas.