Observations 10/11/17: Bad Batman

Sad Affleck Wallpaper

“I am saddened and angry that a man who I worked with used his position of power to intimidate, sexually harass and manipulate many women over the decades. The additional allegations of assault that I read this morning made me sick.”
–Ben Affleck, October 10 2017

“I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize.”
–Ben Affleck, October 11 2017


Well folks, the insider I had mentioned earlier who said child abuse was rampant in Hollywood? She had also told me that Harvey Weinstein’s escapades were an “open secret.” She told me this…like, February of this year. And so here we are. And with the Weinstein thing coming to light, what does that mean about the other stuff she said? Certainly, just because she got one thing absolutely right doesn’t mean it’s slam-dunk that everything else is right as well. But it is concerning to me.

The Hollywood peeps are now standing in line to denounce Harvey Weinstein: but most only after he was fired from The Weinstein Co.. Now they have to take their turn in the spotlight to give an obligatory tweet or official statement: some honest and heart-felt, others soulless and obviously scripted by a PR agent. It has become a ritual now. Harvey is going to take on all their sins and get run off the cliff.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no pity for Weinstein. I’ve known my own Harvey Weinsteins in my life. Autocratic, raging, sadistic, lecherous—but a complete “harmless” Dr. Jekyll when the “right” people are involved. These individuals have veritable armies protecting them; even when they fuck up, they often “fail up,” with people bending over backwards to find them employment. They are not adverse to hiding behind charitable and socially-progressive causes. They are not adverse to completely ruining people’s careers. They sincerely believe they will live just long enough to be the hero and not have to face any of their sins.

They sincerely believe they are the Hero. They believe they are in the right. This is important to remember.

And so how did it come to this, with the “scandal-a-minute” situation currently surrounding Weinstein (and starting to engulf some of his proteges, like Ben “Batman” Affleck)? How did such an “air-tight” set-up like the one he had in Hollywood (and with Washington D.C.) go awry?

I personally believe that it was Trump becoming president that finally did him in. Not for anything Trumpie did personally—God knows, he has his own issues with women. But because Trump’s campaign pushed Hollywood to be extra-political and in-your-face about issues of Right and Wrong. His presence pushed Hollywood to be extra-preachy, extra-holier-than-thou. And that was a lot of hubris coming from some individuals with sketchy backgrounds themselves and an almost institutionalized sexism within their industry.

As a woman, I feel that the situation is really fucked when I have to depend on the peeps on the conservative end of the aisle in order to see justice brought to something like the Weinstein case. It is really a fucked situation.

It was ultimately the outrage of the public (via Twitter) and small independent news (and “news”) outlets that did Weinstein in. Certainly, it was the initial New York Times story—and later Ronan Farrow’s scorching piece for The New Yorker—that lit the fire. But it was the “ground troops,” if you will, that made “justice” (well, as much justice one could get from a situation like this) happen.

Case in point: Ben “Batman” Affleck being forced to apologize for what was essentially sexual assault. From the initial reminder of the 2003 incident by a person on Twitter to Affleck’s terse “apology”…what, that happened within the span of like a few hours?

No HR department or lawsuit could have made things move that quickly.

And now this Justice League movie is going to open up in like a month and the star has just admitted to groping a woman. Okay. 

affleck-sad copy.jpg

So a lot of people online are hoping that possible child abuse in Hollywood (as stated by Corey Feldman, and stated and retracted by Elijah Wood) is going to get “exposed” next. And I don’t think that’s going to happen, because I think if a conspiracy exists in Hollywood regarding that topic at all…I believe I’ve mentioned that there are some conspiracies you get right to the edge of, and you realize (if you are not an adventurous, head-strong sort) that you are going to get your fool ass destroyed if you move ahead any further. Maybe I’m wrong. I want to be wrong.

Anyway…why do I write about all this Hollywood stuff on this blog, which is supposed to handle largely “esoteric” topics? Because ultimately…all this stuff, all these continuing scandals, all these stories of people being inhumane to each other, just all this shit, shit-piled-on-top-of-shit…it just points to some deeper dysfunction. Just some type of spiritual…muck. It just does.

At any rate…as someone who has faced some of this bullshit herself…how do you deal with it? How do you deal with the memory of it, and then how do you deal with the topic continually replayed as these ever more depraved stories come out in the news?

Well, sometimes in a world of Bad Batmen…ya gotta be a Joker. I try to have a sense of humor about it. But also…you know, Bad Batmen (and Batwomen) can really end up disappointing you. But the Joker can’t disappoint. Because you don’t really expect a lot from him. And he’s seen it all before, anyway; that’s why he grins so wide, with his teeth-grinding angry smile.

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