A Runaway Chinese Space Station Is Crashing Into The Earth In A Few Months


I recently found an obscure post in my Butterfly Language archives from last year, about this out-of-commission Chinese space station that was supposed to fall to Earth in…2017, was it?

Curious, I looked up the current status of the Tiangong-1 space station, and, well

It is definitely plummeting to Earth in a few months.


Tiangong-1, known as “the Heavenly Palace,” was launched by China in 2011. Used for a number of missions—and a powerful symbol of the nation’s space exploration ambitions—by 2016 it was decommissioned, Chinese authorities admitting that it was “out of control.” Estimates for it falling to Earth were somewhere in the late 2017/early 2018 range.

But Harvard University astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell has recently confirmed that the craft is entering our atmosphere in a manner far faster than initially expected…placing the probable crash date before the end of the year.


But not to worry, say experts…much of Tiangong-1 will have burned up by then, and it’s most likely what would be left would fall into one of Earth’s many oceans.

Of course…they also admit there is a *small chance” that the craft could crash into a populated area, in which case things might be a wee bit fucked.


I lived through the age of Skylab (memba that?) and everybody tracking where that was going to crash-land. So I’m prepared to be properly paranoid and superstitious, looking up key words in Gematria numbers and checking out Biblical passages and interpreting perceived clues old episodes of Barney Miller, all that jazz; you know…the responsible reaction.


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