Real-Life WKRP Turkey Drop In Arkansas; FAA Investigating


First there was the War on Christmas; now we have people trying to stop throwing turkeys from airplanes. Where will it end, snowflakes? (obligatory /s for Poe’s Law)

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a “turkey drop” performed recently at an Arkansas festival. If this activity sounds familiar, you just might be remembering the classic WKRP In Cincinnati Thanksgiving episode where (spoilers) live turkeys were disastrously dropped from a plane as a promotional gimmick.

That WKRP episode was based on a real event—but I was also surprised to find out that this particular Arkansas festival has been dropping these nearly-flightless birds from an (admittedly low-flying) airplane for 50 years. So this is apparently a “thing.”

According to this article, the FAA has not gotten involved in the festival’s turkey drop before because they didn’t classify the terrified birds as “projectiles.” But pressure from animal rights activists have seemed to force their hand….and if there is anything we’ve learned from that WKRP episode, it’s that “the turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement.”

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