New Trailer Up For Jim Carrey Terence McKenna Movie “True Hallucinations”


And so here we have a brand-new trailer for the Terence McKenna movie True Hallucinations, seemingly starring Jim Carrey and now with a March 2018 release date. If this all seems like deja vu to you, it’s probably because this was the subject of a post from April, “Is Or Is Not Jim Carrey Playing Terence McKenna In Biopic?”

Well, the answer to that post’s title was, according to reps for Jim Carrey at the time, “No.”


Has something changed since earlier this year? Will Carrey see this trailer and realize that this is what he should have done all along? Will he grow his beard back for the role?

Or is this all just a massive mind-fuck? Am I stoned right now? Whose hand is this on the keyboard? And what are these life-sized Keebler elves doing in my house?