Trump Announces He Is Allowing Release Of Secret JFK Documents


President Donald J. Trump gleefully announced on Twitter this morning that he was “allowing” the rest of the JFK assassination files to be released to the public…

…there is a little bit here to unpack here, however.


  1. Some of these files have already been released, per the 1992 JFK Records Act. This act, spurred on by the 1992 Oliver Stone film JFK, specified that the U.S. government had 25 years to make public all related files—the final due date being Oct. 26, 2017. These files would come from the CIA, FBI, and Justice Department.
  2. In total, there are about 3,000 never-before-seen documents, along with 34,000 previously redacted files; of which, as of this writing, only a small portion has been released to the public. That means the bulk of them will, in theory, be pushed “live” for viewing in less than a week. Per a very thorough Politico article on the subject, trying to make this deadline with such a massive amount of documents—some of which might contain extremely sensitive data—could be, basically, a shit-show.
  3. Allegedly there might be people within the CIA and possibly other departments who are not cool with releasing all these documents, and might have pressured Trump to block them from release—something the President I believe has the authority to do.
  4. But on Infowars yesterday, current Trump buddy and former Nixon buddy Roger Stone said Trump would probably allow the release of the rest of the JFK files: “The president believes in transparency…he believes in the public’s right to know.” Today, following Trump’s announcement, Stone tweeted “Yes! Victory!” Because you know what big buds Nixon and the Kennedys were.
  5. And that brings me to an important point regarding all this. “Conspiracy theories” are largely politicized. What is one person’s conspiracy theory is another person’s truth, and vice-versa. Even assigning the name (epithet?) “conspiracy theory” to something often depends on how much political capital one can get from it.
  6. So in this case, the far right have largely “adopted” the JFK assassination theory as a pet cause that Trump champions, because it “sticks it” to what they consider to be the “Deep State” (mainstream Democrats and Republicans, plus CIA etc.). They feel that Trump is the “maverick” who is the Deep State’s enemy.
  7. On the other side of the coin, the mainstream Democrats and Republicans—and some on the far left—believe that most of what would be classified as “conspiracy theories” are tools of the far right and alt-right. The only types of “conspiracies” they don’t believe to be such tools, are things such as the Trump/Russia stuff—which they consider absolute fact and so not a “conspiracy theory” at all (the far-right of course thinks Trump/Russia is a conspiracy theory, but the Clinton/Uranium thing is not; the mainstream narrative thinks the opposite).
  8. And so what you have are far-right peeps cheering the “exposure” of the JFK conspiracy & blowing the lid off the Harvey Weinstein (a Dem supporter) sexual harassment stuff…and you have many (though not all) progressives decrying the JFK stuff as just another “tinfoil hat” conspiracy theory that isn’t worth investigating. Basically, you have a “dogs and cats living together”-type apocalyptic reversal in allegiances depending on what political capital (or at least ideological comfort) each theory (or debunking of same) might bring.
  9. There are many interesting scenarios that can proceed from this point regarding the final JFK files dump. One is that some vital files remain missing from the final release, regardless of what Trump says (indeed, there were key Lee Harvey Oswald files missing from the last dump).
  10. Another scenario is that if Trump does get impeached/forced to resign/worse over the next few months, the far-right “narrative” will be that this happened in “retaliation” for releasing the rest of those files.
  11. It will be interesting to see these files—complete or incomplete—”crowdsourced” by all the JFK assassination buffs out there. My guess is that they will find little “gems” that have been overlooked by the CIA/FBI/etc. But I don’t think any file that contains information deemed very sensitive will indeed be released. I think like in the case of other “secret files” the CIA have released over the years, some “X-Files”-type bones are tossed to the public but that’s it. (UNLESS, given the rushed, “shit-show” nature of this enterprise, super-classified stuff was overlooked by the peeps preparing the release of the files)

And that’s it! Be interesting to see what happens next.

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