“Alien Ranch” Up For Sale, Owners Believe It’s A Portal To Another Universe


After 20 years, John and Joyce Edmonds have finally put up their Stardust Ranch—also known as “Alien Ranch”—for sale. They claim they have had enough of the “evil extra-terrestrials from another dimension” that have been attacking them; molesting Joyce, and even prompting John to kill 18 of the creatures using his samurai sword.

The couple, who have appeared Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, are asking for $5 million for the 9.67 acre Arizona property. And considering they apparently believe that the land is a portal to another universe through which the aliens come into our world…that might not be such a bad price.

John Edmonds, who has posted regular updates on Facebook concerning him and his wife’s fight with the aliens, says that the creatures “pop up” at random, sometimes singly and sometimes in groups. It had gotten to the point that he had to slay a number of them with his samurai sword—though he claims the alien bodies vanish after he kills them, he has posted the aftermath of the alleged attacks, which include what looks like copious amounts of dried blood:


He has also posted a picture of what he says is an actual grey alien:


Originally the Edmondses had posted Stardust Ranch for $1 million, but after all the notoriety over their alien stories, they bumped up the price a bit.

So what has actually bedeviled this couple for 20 years?

  1. Could this have been more of a poltergeist-type “haunting” that took on “alien” overtones?
  2. This property was built in 1977, the same year Close Encounters Of The Third Kind came out—is there some sort of resonance between the claimed experiences of the couple and that?
  3. Arizona has been the location of a number of alien sightings and abduction claims, including “The Phoenix Lights” and the Travis Walton “Fire In The Sky” case. Is there something in the water in Arizona? Is there some electromagnetic disturbance in the atmosphere? Or is there really something strange and otherworldly going on?
  4. It’s also possible that the entire thing is a hoax, the posted photos of the samurai attack and the grey paradoxically making it seem more like a hoax than real.

My personal take…somewhere between that there is something electromagnetically or even radiation-wise “weird” about that area (which would produce odd effects on reality and even something that would seem like an extradimensional situation) and a possible hoax.

I tend not to believe many of these sightings and experiences are literally caused by aliens who have arrived on Earth in a physical spaceship from other planets—and to me, the “tell” is the sightings of the greys. It’s not that I don’t think it’s possible that life on other planets could reach Earth or have done so in the past. But I think these “grey aliens” are something really really (really) weirder than that, almost placing them more along the lines of poltergeist activity.

But some scientists could take this ranch off John and Joyce’s hands and figure this situation out.

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