Uri Geller Claims He Was Hired By The CIA To Investigate The JFK Assassination


The rest of the secret JFK assassination files are scheduled to be released this Thursday, and as expected, a lot of weird and interesting stuff is coming out of the woodwork. For example, psychic Uri Geller recently revealed in a Facebook post that he was hired by the CIA to investigate the JFK assassination…

Uh…I got a lot of questions here.

Geller wrote:

Besides other assignments I had in Mexico City, for the CIA, which are well documented in my biographies and autobiographies, a CIA agent in Mexico City tasked me among other assignments, with investigating whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or had accomplices – including the backing of sub-national organisations such as the Mafia or international organisations such as the KGB.

This assignment took me in the early 1970’s, inter alia, to Mexico City to the Russian Embassy where Oswald had travelled shortly before he shot the American president.

I was able to shed some light on organisations he may have been in contact with, but these did not include any US agencies, the Mafia or Lyndon Johnson.

I also met Jackie Kennedy at her apartment in New York. She had some involvement with the book URI that was written about me by Andrija Puharich, who had links to the CIA. I relayed these findings to her, since she was absolutely determined to discover the truth. She and I stayed in touch, and I still have correspondence from her.

In case you are not familiar with Geller, he was pretty much a “psychic celebrity” (the spoon-bender, if that jogs your memory) in the 1970s, with his own album & even appearing in a comic book. He even was a friend of John Lennon’s, and figured in the musician’s weird UFO interests at that time.

On top of that, he was also positioned as almost a “new messiah,” producing a bunch of channeled material to that effect in conjunction with the aforementioned Puharich. (In the book Uri…the one that apparently now Jackie Kennedy had “involvement” with.)

And on top of that, he was also working with the U.S. government’s secret “psychic spy” program. (the released files concerning which you can read here).

So…how exactly was Geller used in this investigation? Was it just run-of-the-mill govt. spook stuff? Was it psychic stuff? What???

The man went on in his Facebook post to say if the info on him in the released JFK files  was redacted, he couldn’t say publicly what his findings about the case were…but that said findings are “quite shocking.”

Symbolically & energy-wise, the release itself is a very potent event (also it’s going to be on the annual Sun Jupiter conjunction) so don’t be surprised if you see other things stir up around it.