Hunter S. Thompson TV Series “Fear And Loathing” On The Way


There have been three major movies (and a bunch of documentaries) about Hunter S. Thompson’s life, but there is no doubt plenty of more tales about the famous gonzo journalist to tell (and retell). So it was probably a natural that a TV series based on his adventures would be made.

Currently with the title Fear And Loathing, the show will be helmed by Get Shorty’s Davey Holmes for MGM television. Bob Nelson, who scripted the acclaimed Nebraska, is also attached.

The $250,000 question is now: WHO WILL PLAY HUNTER S. THOMPSON?


Of course, Bill Murray played Thompson in Where The Buffalo Roam (1980), and Johnny Depp portrayed Thompson in 1998’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (as well as virtually Thompson in the 2011 movie adaptation of the writer’s book The Rum Diary).

But maybe it’s time for a fresh take on the larger-than-life character.

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