Observations, 10/28/17: Fear And Nope-ing


So I read the 2nd New Yorker report by Ronan Farrow regarding Harvey Weinstein’s mistreatment of women, this time featuring a harrowing interview with Annabella Sciorra in which she accuses Weinstein of violently raping her. So she was allegedly raped by Weinstein, harassed by him for years, and slept with a baseball bat by her bed out of fear of him.

I then re-read this article this morning and literally went to my entertainment blog Fantasy Merchant, deleted like 100 promotional/fluff posts (which was over 2/3rds the content), replaced the banner, and pretty much instantly changed the direction of the site. Because I couldn’t run that type of site anymore given the current situation in Hollywood; it would seem, at least to me, obscene.

And yet for a few years I ran exactly that type of site for MTV. (I used to think that only “Geek” would eat itself, but now I realize it’s all of Hollywood)

Another interview I read recently was with actress Selma Blair, who alleges director James Toback not only sexually assaulted her but indirectly threatened her with kidnap and murder if she talked about it. Which is like straight-up gangster shit, but when you consider Hollywood’s beginnings it’s not that surprising.

Both Sciorra and Blair worked within a Hollywood system where that shit was apparently “normal.”

Now you hear these stories…you hear that Toback has like 300+ women who have reported alleged harassment and abuse by him…you hear these stories and they almost sound too farfetched to be true.

But I have worked somewhere in the outer environs of the entertainment industry, and I’m not really that surprised.

I mean…in some ways I am surprised, in that I thought I was the only one who noticed and occasionally experienced this type of behavior. And I’m surprised—shocked, really—that THIS many women (and men) have come forward so far.

And the inside word I hear about the state of the industry at the moment is: that behind the scenes, there is so much damage control, reactive reorganization, and proactive reorganization going on in response to the floodgates the Weinstein thing has opened up that work has actually slowed down.

This all being said, I’ve switched Fantasy Merchant over to a “Old Hollywood” & “New Hollywood” Hollywood Babylon-type theme. Some current news, old & new scandals, conspiracies, etc. I’ve been reading about this stuff since I was like eight so it’s pretty easy for me. And the running theme throughout most of it is this sordid underbelly of the industry…this darker side of the place that produces most of our pop-culture, that creates social movements, that influences millions of people.

So I’ll be moving some posts from here to there, and some from there to here; and rewriting some along the way. And that’s pretty much it.

OK. Thanks for listening.

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