The Progression Of The Ages: A Theory Of Resonance


Somebody pointed out that the pattern recurs? This forms the basis for the theory of resonance…The idea being, then, that historical periods are in fact shaped by the historical periods that they are in resonance with.
—Terence McKenna

Note: this is a series of notes directly from my journals, from late November of last year. In some ways, these journal entries are like “the direct download.” So I’m going to experiment with a few of these, because that is what my intuition is currently telling me to do.

The thing is, whatever Donald Trump and the energy around him currently represents, it’s not something that started now. It is at least halfway through its cycle. This is the key.

We must ask ourselves: what is the next thing? What is the new energy that is coming?

Because I would submit that both the hipster and the fedora-wearing “libertarian” trends—strangely similar, with their love of antiquated fashion aesthetics—are just about over.

So what is the new thing? What is the new hotness?

Is there even a real “new thing?”

If the hipster and the fedora-people were more “50’s”—then we would imagine, in this condensed timeline, that we are once again heading into the 60s. And then we have LBJ/Nixon-era conformists on one side with their buzz cuts, and hippie activists on the other.

In the condensed timeline, we are right around early 60’s. Trump being the corrupt bizarro world JFK to the working class. Pence is LBJ. Then who is Nixon? Trump is like an amalgam of JFK/Nixon. Both sides of it. Some think Trump is like Reagan…

See, I take it back, Trump is not fully the Nixon type, because Nixon was an insider. JFK and Reagan were outsiders.

I think there are going to be no more Nixons, or Carters…we simply don’t have time for that anymore. Not every thing has to re-cycle.

The next president after Pence is going to be very interesting.

Another important point to consider: we are seeing not just re-cycling, but remixing. They go hand-in-hand, in fact, especially as re-cycles start to pile up.

Decades resonate other decades. There’s a pattern to it.

And so: the 1970s resonated the 1950s. As the decade wore on, it resonated the later and later 50’s, into the beginning of the 60’s.

The 1980s resonated the 1960s. The 1990s resonated the 1970s. The 2000s…I almost feel like we got a “hard reset” there with 2001, and the Y2K thing for that matter. Our timelines became a jumble. Certainly, there were things that resonated WWII, 1980s, the paranoid 1970s, 1960s (anti war protests) and etc. But it was a jumble. Because we had that hard reset. We had lost our “Era Identity.”

And it was that way through 2012. 2012 itself became another “hard reset.” It was like coming out the other side of Y2K/2001.

And now we are back on the re-cycle track. We are now experiencing the “greatest hits” of the last 150 years. Maybe the greatest hits since 1776, or even since the earliest civilizations on Earth.

But there has to be remixing going on, mashups. It operates with the logic of a dream, with one element representing the mashed up qualities of several.

–Journals, 11/22/16 & 11/23/16