What If They Solved A Conspiracy But Nobody Cared?


This post is not meant to be a comprehensive summary of all the gleanings from the recently released JFK assassination files. Rather, I want to get at the deeper symbolic significance of the entire enterprise–including the public’s reaction to it.

I feel comfortable enough to confidently state that the newly declassified files show that Lee Harvey Oswald was not some lone crazy person off the street with animus against JFK. He clearly had connections with the CIA, etc. That does not mean to say that he was hired by said CIA or other governmental group to kill Kennedy. All I’m saying is—the idea that Oswald was some lone “punk” who came out of nowhere is clearly not true.

And yet the “idea” that Oswald was such—was indeed the lone gunman—was deemed important enough that FBI director Hoover apparently insisted the public be made to accept that story.

The highly-hyped release of those files last week comes in the middle of a crazy month that began (literally, on like Oct. 1) with the Las Vegas shooting (with all attendant anomalous details), segued improbably into the Harvey Weinstein scandal, had a quick side-visit to the Clinton Uranium thing, and will most likely surely end with these upcoming Mueller indictments (with all the attendant clusterfuckiness that will no doubt ensue once they are announced).

In short—this has been a month of conspiracies, and the lids ripped off of conspiracies.

No such Hoover directive to “keep the narrative straight” could ever be enforced in the current climate. Because we have an all-out Game of Thrones situation going on everywhere (in Washington, in the media, in Hollywood). And every narrative has a “side.” As I’ve said before, these narratives and theories have become “weaponized.”

And so what becomes of the actual truth? As in: “did Oswald kill Kennedy?”

Well, what’s the political capital attached to that truth? What’s the ideological capital? Does it all fall neatly in black and white, or is it murky and not able to be readily grasped by reading a single tweet (image/gif optional)?

I care about this. You may care about this. But we currently live within a world of a billion weaponized commodified theories.

I just don’t think people have the attention span. And I think some (far right peeps) are so confused as to whether they should be “pro” Kennedy (because that “sticks” it to the Deep State), and others (the left) are so confused as to whether they should be anti anything that has to do with the JFK assassination (because those are conspiracy theories which are fake news which are just distractions from Trump/Russia)…

The Truth sits somewhere on a shelf, next to the extra packages of pasta and the unused yams. A mundane shelf; a high shelf, to be sure, but not too high. A shelf in a pantry, but a not-too-secret pantry; an “everyday” pantry with a partially ajar door.

And almost nobody cares.

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