“My Friend Dahmer” Actor Curses Jeffrey Dahmer, Possibly Gets A Visit By Dahmer’s Angry Ghost


Despite his initial unassuming look, serial Jeffrey Dahmer was a scary guy…and he’s probably even scarier in the afterlife. Did his angry ghost visit actor Alex Wolff, who plays real-life Dahmer school friend Derf Backderf in the new movie My Friend Dahmer?

Wolff claims that he and Ross Lynch, who portrays the young Dahmer in the movie, were done for the day after a long shoot in a secluded house in Ohio. Neither were feeling very good—sick, nauseous—and Lynch decided to take out his frustration on the real Jeffrey Dahmer:

I was feeling angry because I was feeling so bad, and I got out of the car and I said, ‘You know what? F–k Jeffrey Dahmer. What just a piece of s–t. Just f–k him. This whole movie I’ve tried empathize, tried to be there for him, but f–k Jeffrey Dahmer.’

Ross Lynch and Alex Wolff

What happened next was eerie. The moment he said Dahmer’s name, all the lights cut out in the house. Including the backup power generators.

Wolff shouted out an apology to Dahmer after the lights went out, but suffered restless sleep that night:

The whole night I was waking up in sweats, feeling like I was being haunted…I don’t know what it was. I was feeling really weird.

Of course, the house they were shoot the scene in was the actual site of the first Dahmer murder.

Photo of carefree scalawag Jeffrey Dahmer as a madcap teen.

I had a very vivid dream a number of years ago that I “met” Dahmer—I retold it in this post, “My Dinner With Jeffrey.” At the end of my story, I wrote that I believed (within the dream) that I was actually in “The Land Of The Dead,” talking to some ghostly/astral aspect of the real Jeffrey Dahmer:

As he said that last line, my eyes started to roam over the restaurant like a swimmer’s limbs ranging across rapidly fluctuating patterns in the water; quickly, hungrily scanning my environment, noting as many fleeting details as I could. Then I turned to him with a tight grin, not wishing to alarm.

“Jeff, may I ask you a sort of personal question? I don’t mean to freak you out, or anything.”

“Sure. I think we’ve both been pretty honest, here. Shoot.”

“Am I…am I in the land of the dead right now?”

“You mean like limbo or something?”

“Yeah. I think I’m dreaming right now, is what it is. But not like a normal ‘fuck my life’ dream full of anxieties, or like a sex dream, or like an idealized childhood memories type of dream. Know what I mean?”

He drank from a very tall, narrow glass of water—almost like from a test tube—and cleared his throat. He then sort of slumped back in his chair, his face written with regret; head downward and resting into his chin.

But I’m sure that was just some dumb dream I had after reading too much Tumblr.

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