More Musings On The 2020s And Beyond

quote from Terence McKenna

One of the points I’ve tried to make on this site is that we are soon to enter another era; that many of the things the media is most concerned about are things that are passing away–not things of the most vital importance for you now, certainly not things that will prepare you for the future.

The beginning of this year may have seemed like the start of the Trump Era, but actually DT is the tail-end of something that has been building since 2012. The next big “year” will be 2020, which is not all that far away. The changes in society and especially technology in the first half of the 2020s will be profound. There will also be some Earth changes that will lead up to this period.

A lot of what you see in the news in terms of drama is really the clearing out of old systems. The struggle with DT is largely about this, a metaphor/hologram for the wider present situation.

d0415c0563e2f50362a01fed5b4fc288763cdfceThe TV show The Orville is quite interesting in that it is pretty much a blueprint/preview of many aspects of this new society (both in terms of the ship culture and the planets they visit). Which you could of course say about its spiritual predecessor, Star Trek–like the original Trek, with The Orville there is more of an immediate relevant “predictive/blueprint” quality to it. It also communicates these blueprints in a manner far more palatable to the masses than the current Star Trek endeavor.

tvcoas92pebt0de4l3wbSimilarly, The Good Place addresses many of our current metaphysical dilemmas, including the possible nature of our own reality.

Entertainment like this is vital in that they at least “attempt” to prepare us for our future that is quickly coming.

But in general, the masses are too distracted and overworked to get too “involved” in picking up on and sussing out and anticipating this future. And the media as a whole could do a better job here with that, but they instead distract and keep the people focused on the drama of the system that is dying. Even in its death throes, this system remains comforting to many.

Be clear, this is not about a left vs right paradigm. What I’m talking about goes beyond that. Left vs right bickering is largely a tool to manage quantities of people.

What we are increasingly talking about is a human/posthuman paradigm. The human/posthuman paradigm, in time (most certainly by the end of the 2020s), will be the central “struggle.”

And a central question will be: can one (or one not) “afford” to be sufficiently posthuman? I mean both literally, in terms of cost”–and is there a cost in terms of “loss” (of humanity; of a connection to “God,” or whatever)?

Or is this the natural path to a speedy evolution?

So the futurists are talking about this. But the masses are not so much. This is a problem. There will be future shock; most profoundly towards 2025 where it hits a profound existential level for the masses.

–Journals, 10/30/17

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