Dream: “The Biggest Movie”


I don’t post my dreams on this site super-often, but the one I just had last night was just sorta a doozy—super-long and vivid—and touches on some themes that are currently in the news, so…

I call it, “The Biggest Movie”:

It starts in what looks like a college dorm. I’m there, this young woman with bright red hair that looks like Jean Grey from the X-Men is there…but there’s just not a lot of other people on our floor. I’m personally fine with that, as I like the peace and quiet. But then I find out that the reason there aren’t a lot of students on our floor is because people are scared of, and freaked out by, Jean’s powers. So that kind of weirded me out a little bit, though I was still pretty happy with the peace and quiet.

I do see Wolverine from the X-Men around the halls, but he’s gained a bunch of weight…apparently the X-Men were fighting this great evil, and the only way to deal with it was to have Wolverine “eat” the evil—take it inside himself—because he has a healing factor in his body that would protect him from dying of it. But he would then need to purge this evil from his body in order to return to how he was.

I have now climbed to the roof of this structure with a couple of other students. There is this tremendous sense of pride in doing this—it feels like this very inspirational, “feel good” sense of self-actualization. But then I realize that one of the students is none other than a younger Kevin Spacey.

Now I need to get the fuck off this roof.

I get off the roof and now I am at some sort of movie studio/building. And I enter a room, and Kevin Spacey is there, acting out some inspirational scene; and everybody is like “ooh, aah, this is so inspirational and wonderful.” And nobody seems to know or care about any of the stuff that’s come out about him over the last week. I’m extremely uncomfortable being there.

But then I realize that Spacey is actually a robot—something you can program to convincingly say or do just about anything. And that there are a bunch of these robots out there.

That brings us to what is referred-to as “The Biggest Movie”—the best and most magnificent movie Hollywood has ever made. And it looks like a film about Christ, showing the nativity scene with him in the manger. But it’s clear that this is not Jesus Christ but rather Superman—specifically, Superman from Superman Returns. And this is also supposed to be some parable about the rise of AI, though I don’t remember how that was worked in.

Back in the offices of the movie studio, people just sort of act like teenagers and do a lot of horseplay—just sort of laughing and drinking and throwing shit around. There are big crates everywhere, some of them open and full of what look like treasure. The studio has acquired all these sacred relics to use in their films, like the Holy Grail—which just gets thrown around by these people as if it was all crap.

Then something “hits” the side of our building, and everyone is momentarily startled. It knocks this big window open and this very strong light comes flooding in. And everybody looks at this light as the building starts to shake. And it’s one of these dreams where it’s so vivid you can feel the shaking.

Then that light goes out and the shaking stops, and everybody else goes back to what they were doing. I really feel that this is a warning at least regarding some sort of devastating future earthquake, but nobody else cares; it’s like it never even happened.

So I decide to leave the building.

And so I go through this network of hallways and offices, trying to get to the exit. Everybody is calm and seems to be in reasonably good spirits; but I have this increasingly desperate need to get the hell out of there and I seem really out of place.

And I’m thinking here of those lines from the song “Hotel California”:

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before

Then I finally reach a line for people who are leaving the building. It reminds me of a line for movie tickets, but in reverse. And finally, I’m on my way to the real exit from this place.

But as I get closer to it, I have a horrible realization—this place is not a normal building, like I thought. Rather, it is all literally underground—built under the ground.

And now, as I get even closer to the very long staircase that leads up out into the surface world, the environment has shifted to this dark, damp, gross place that looks like an abandoned subway station. A person lying in garbage who looked dead suddenly moves and reaches towards me.

I run to the staircase.

BONUS: This is apparently the 666th post I’ve published on this site.

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