11.8.17: 2 Real Man


I don’t write a whole lot about current conspiracies anymore because I’m actually so creeped out that a bunch have recently been shown to have some credence to them.

When they were just a LARP, you know, it was kind of exciting to just hunker down and get super paranoid and clever. But even though we seem to be in  a period of unprecedented disclosure and confirmation on a lot of shit…you know, for every action there is a reaction.

And I feel a lot of peeps in like Hollywood, politics, organized crime, etc. are going to start “cleaning house.” Or at least, attempting to. And you’ve already seen it this year, if you’ve been paying attention, and you’re going to see more of it.

I always wondered if the Manson killings were a cover for exactly that type of stuff—like, there was this “bottleneck” of weird shit going on in those circles (overlapping with the CIA/organized crime/etc), and it was going to come out eventually…and then instead of fully coming out, you had the Manson stuff. So now the deaths at 10050 Cielo Drive had a dual purpose: 1) to send a message to Hollywood in general to STFU, and 2) to distract the public away from the truth and have them just focus on the wacky hijinks of the Manson Family.

And I’m getting that same vibe now.

Yeah, I’ve said it a bunch of times here: there are some conspiracies that if you keep digging into them, you’ll eventually realize that you are digging a deep hole and that you are also standing in the middle of that deep hole.

Whereas others that are more extreme or fantastic…there’s some nice “padding” there from real-world consequences. You never really expect to actually stumble upon that smoking gun.

And then of course there are the conspiracies like the one where a good portion of our jobs get taken over by AI sooner than anyone expected, and the government has no workable plan to deal with it. Those are like not so much conspiracy theories as “projections” based on available data. They’re really not too sexy at this point; I mean, they occasionally make their way to the headline of Drudge, but that’s about it.

Every once in a while you’ll go to a conspiracy theory forum and some lone soul will post a link to a Bigfoot story and some of the old folks will be like: “FINALLY! Back to the topics that used to make this forum GREAT!”

Or you’ll get the person who posts like this 2,000 word essay on mind-controlling aliens from Atlantis…and the post is so long that they’ve got to answer their own thread just to post more of it. That stuff is fun.

Other stuff? Not so fun. Not so sure I have the stomach for it. Maybe I do. I don’t know.

I’m pretty happy to move to Mars, at this point.