Hollywood Nightmares


In fireworks are released, all the explosive pyrotechnics of a dream. The inflammable desires, dampened by day under the cold water of consciousness, are ignited at night by the libertarian matches of sleep, and burst forth in showers of shimmering incandescence. These imaginary displays provide a temporary relief.
–Kenneth Anger

As I’ve written here before, I used to read the newsstand tabloids since I was a little kid. In fact, I read Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon & Hollywood Babylon II while I was still in grade school. To my young mind, what I was reading was bonafide horror stories. You couldn’t find a scarier horror story for my young mind than Jayne Mansfield’s decapitated head resting on the windshield of her totalled car.

s806377687824159547_p37_i1_w517(I believe Hollywood Babylon helpfully provided a photo of said grisly tableau, though I think in reality it was only Mansfield’s blond wig; the ultra-gruesome pic of the Black Dahlia’s bloodless sectioned corpse in the book’s sequel was quite real, however, the literal stuff of nightmares)

Anger was accused of embellishing his tales with Grand Guignol flair, such in the case of his description of silent star Ramon Novarro’s death—asphyxiation per a lead art deco dildo replica of Rudolph Valentino’s penis being shoved down w-i8-p28-01-031jpghis throat (an act that I couldn’t help but see the faintest homage to in the death of Hollis in the Watchmen graphic novel).

But Anger, keep in mind, was also a filmmaker—creating surreal, overtly occult tableaus featuring Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey, Jack Parsons’ widow Marjorie Cameron, and future “Charlie Manson’s All Stars” member Bobby Beausoleil. He was also a former child star—and even if he did not know where ALL the bodies were buried, he at least had a “ballpark” estimate of who the bodies were & that something nasty happened to them.

Kenneth Anger

And not even the legendary Kenneth Anger himself could have imagined the horrific scene at the Tate-Polanski house.

Fast-forward to the present day—a time of unprecedented Hollywood revelation and scandal. Secrets kept tightly hidden for decades are suddenly being thrust into the light, bringing out scores of alleged victims (as of this writing I believe director James Toback has over 300 claim publicly or privately some malfeasance on his part).

117868Kevin Spacey is quickly achieving the sort pariah status usually reserved for infamous German socialist dictators—his very photo, as that of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, now an automatic symbol of a sort of very unique Hollywoodland evil. (As a coincidence, both eventually attended the same Arizona “sex rehab” clinic; presumably, they both picked the same business card off the corkboard at the local laundromat)

thr_issue_32_harvey_weinstein_illo_cover_0Last week, the major entertainment websites had to literally “stagger” their news of harassment and abuse in the industry. You could picture the web editors there making a decision as to what tale of sexual horror to run first in the day…which would make the headline, and which only would garner a sidebar.

While not as gory as the Hollywood Babylon tales—though sometimes they certainly come close—the sheer scope of these allegations, often involving our now problematic faves, is staggering. But within the gossip columns themselves—especially one site in particular—that old brand of Anger-esque horror has made a comeback. And the blind items on this site have particularly creeped me out because I think…some of them are likely true.

Crazy Days And Nights is a long-running blind item gossip site that has always gone that extra mile to provide the most visceral tales on the internet. Written by a person or group of persons claiming to be a Hollywood insider(s), at one point it was believed that actor Robert Downey Jr. himself (who grew up in Hollywood) was anonymously posing in the comments section as the mysterious “Himmmm.”


But in the post-Weinstein age, the blinds in CDaN have taken a particularly dark turn. In particular, there’s a lot of death, murder, overdoses, rapes, and pedophilia. A lot. And many are contextualized within the overall scandal-ridden state of panic Hollywood is currently in.

If you look at the “Blind Item Revealed” posts in CDaN…the site has a frighteningly accurate track rate. For example, whole aspects of the Brett Ratner thing were telegraphed on the site before they happened, including details that only an insider would know.


But the current blinds are giving me those familiar old childhood Hollywood Nightmares:

I’m not going to go over the details of each one at this time, but if this sort of thing interests you this will be quite the rabbit hole of speculation and existential horror.

marilyn9Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is: the “tone” of many of these stories are different than regular blind items in a gossip column. There is something more…immediate and unsettling about them. As I discussed in the recent post “2 Real, Man”…some really dangerous “lids” are being pried open here. People are panicking. Some people are even ending up suddenly very deceased.

And some suggest—such as no less a Hollywood insider as director Judd Apatow—that what has been “legitimately” revealed in the media is just the tip of the iceberg.

daily-news-perv-nationIf we play the “Six Degrees Of Separation” game, I already know one individual personally who has been accused, outed, and fired within this maelstrom. How many more are left? What does the landscape of the entertainment industry look like after all this? How far does scandal cycle extend—into 2018, 2019? And what does the venn diagram look like if we map out all the Hollywood, political, media, corporate, and international scandals?

And if any more CDaN blinds of Hollywood Babylon proportions end up being true…what the FUCK does that all mean?

This is why I watched mostly old Mama’s Family clips on YouTube for most of the weekend.

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