What I Think


I think there is a very great need for society to find out the root causes of sexual harassment & predatory behavior, and develop possible effective treatment & rehabilitation strategies for the people who commit these acts.

But “right now” is not the time to focus on this. Now is the time to ensure that our workplaces (and the world in general) are safe environments for everyone, and that injustices are addressed. There is a tremendous amount of trauma that has been inflicted; this is a triage situation.

In terms of my personal future doing research/writing/work in the spiritual/wellness/holistic health field, however, I think I will do the most good focusing, to an extent, on the origins of this predation—and trying to figure out if there are effective rehabilitation options, determining the efficacy of these options, and a whole bunch of other aspects to this issue.

To be clear—I believe that there are some people who are stone-cold evil & will be that way until the day they die. They have committed horrific acts, are a constant danger to others, and are best kept away from the vulnerable.

But I also think there are others who could be better people; who can experience genuine remorse and empathy, who can evolve, who can work towards some real non-BS redemption and contribute to society in a positive way. I don’t think it’s an easy process, I don’t think it equates to a few weeks at a fancy rehab clinic…but I think it is possible.

Because we can’t shove all these people in a hole or send them to the leper colony. And there is a larger issue of why this harassment and abuse is still so prevalent in our society; preventing it and prosecuting it is only half the battle.

The other half is to really understand the underlying psychological and spiritual mechanisms that drive this behavior in people. (and also put a deeper spotlight on various types of abuse suffered by males as children, which I believe in some cases absolutely leads to this type of anti-social behavior)

So anyway…that’s what I think. As a person who has experienced a lot of abuse in her lifetime, this direction would bring me the most peace. Maybe I’m wrongheaded and deluded; maybe not. I’m still evolving and figuring shit out.

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