This Is How God Learns


In the beginning, God was just this huge energy source, pulsing out there in Space…But then he became curious, he wanted to know, he wanted to learn, he wanted to experience; he couldn’t do it on his own. So he exploded out. And when he exploded out—you might call this the Big Bang theory—when he exploded out all the particles went out in all different directions. The particles—little sparks—some of them became universes, some of them became galaxies, and some of them became the human souls.

When you take us back to what we really are, we are just a tiny spark. We are a tiny spark that originated with God. We were sent out, and told to go out and experience and learn–to go learn everything there is to learn, and bring it back. This is how God learns, he wants to learn, he wants all of us to experience. That’s why there is no good and there is no bad…it’s only experiences, it’s only lessons.

–Dolores Cannon

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