Touched By An Egregore: Kevin (Probably) Saves The World


I wanted to drop a few words on the new ABC show Kevin (Probably) Saves The World, which had some surprisingly strong spiritual/Gnostic type elements. I had no idea what to expect about this show—much less knew what it was about—but I liked Jason Ritter’s work on Gravity Falls, so I gave it a chance.

The title character, recovering from a suicide attempt, has come to live with his widowed twin sister and his niece. Having also lost his job and his girlfriend, he’s self-centered, aimless, and emotionally distant from his family. (spoilers ahead)


Then a meteor falls not too far from the house where he’s staying.

Kevin touches the meteor (which, as we all know from the remake of the movie The Blob, is not the smartest thing in the world to do) & it knocks him clear across a field giving him a concussion. He loses time, and ends up back in his car as if nothing happened…except now he has the glowing meteor in the car with him.

But the meteor has seemingly brought this angelic-type woman called Yvette into his life which only he can see; she tells him that he is the last “righteous” person left in the world, and that his mission is to track down 35 other potentially righteous beings and basically transfer the power to them through hugs. (there is supposed to be 36 righteous people in the world at all times, but as we all know we are in 2017 and things are pretty dire)


And so once again we have this plot where some sort of egregore or thoughtform or tulpa or, as in the case in this show, an angel (though Yvette herself feels it’s an outdated concept) turns the life of the everyday sorta Gen X/Millennial main character upside down. We’ve seen it in Mr. Robot, we’ve seen it in The Tick, and now we see the Touched By An Angel version of it with Kevin (Probably) Saves The World.

That said, it’s it’s not as treacly as it might sound, and deals in pretty universal spiritual concepts that I think anybody can grasp. It also mixes a bit of other genres such as some X-Files type stuff (is this all the result of extraterrestrials?), some vaguely eschatological stuff (“the chosen ones,” some murky “apocalyptic” type threat over the horizon), and…

I couldn’t help but notice that as in the cartoon Gravity Falls, Ritter also played the twin of a girl, as well as a character who has to move in with a family member in a strange new place. Plus Gravity Falls contained some weird/metaphysical/kid-friendly eschatological elements, so…is Kevin (Probably) Saves The World sort of like an unofficial continuation?


At any rate, if you have interest in any of these spiritual-type topics, it might be worth a look!

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