The “Butterfly Language” Library Series


I tried introducing these 3 ebooks at the very beginning of the year, but it just didn’t feel *right*—but I finally feel that the content on the site & the audience that has grown around it can support these babies now.

Three free ebooks for you to download, either from this post or on the sidebar:

ELVIN: Sort of my “take” on VALIS. A young man starts channelling what he thinks is his childhood imaginary friend who might have also been the spirit of a dead child. Said entity provides him with amazing nuggets of wisdom concerning the nature of reality. Certainly not my attempt to shoehorn actual channeled info into some shape of a plot.

CONSPIRACY!: And here’s something that’s sort of like a combo of Illuminatus! and Fight Club (please forgive the high-concept BS, but let’s face it it’s a fast fast fast world and buzz words “sell”). Having lost his job and his dreams, Tod Moriens falls into a series of conspiracies—and under the thrall of a series of conspiracy gurus. Hyman Lidge, the one-armed former short-stop for the Boston Red Sox. Edith Snider, mysterious 1940s-styled femme fatale. And Hansel Van Halen, maniacal refugee from an MKUltra experiment and the head of the anarchic Zaius Project.

THE RAT COURIER: Here’s a short novella about a dystopian future where all meat is tainted by the devastating Braineater virus—and where the only meat available is via a limited supply of lab rats. It’s the story…of one special rat.

And there you go.

If any of these books *speak* to you, please pass them around, recommend them, create fan-fiction, and/or donate a few shells to ye olde Butterfly Language PayPal.