The Horror Of Clown Bread


I ran into this story on the Paranormal subreddit and I don’t know why it has stuck with me. It’s a very simple, short creepy tale of a bread…but not just ANY bread…


That day my oldest cousin decided to move up to the attic using the stairs, as we dared her to do so. So she climbed onto the stairs, only to experience a horrible discovery. On the attic, there was a bread with what seems to be a clown face and I guess the bread was haunted one way or the other. While she was upstairs it didnt took long for her to return back downstairs and she was crying alot. She told us the bread wanted her to bite it.

Then I decided to go upstairs and checking it out. At the time I was pretty scared and when I was upstairs I saw the bread with the clown face looking at me. I rushed down when I saw the clownface and almost fell but made it safely back.

It goes without saying that OP never visited the attic again.

While some comments left on the post suggest that mass hysteria might have played a role in the Haunting Of Clown Bread, I’d like to believe that there is actually such a thing as a demonically possessed baked good. If the spirit of Christ can reside in a wafer, there’s no reason that Satan can’t hide in a loaf of sliced white.

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