Observations, 11/24/17: Happy Thanksgiving From Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman spends Thanksgiving realizing she was actually the embodiment of Black Mamba/Beatrix Kiddo all along…the woman meets the role, grows into it, sends an Instagram with a picture of her from Kill Bill basically threatening disgraced movie mogul/alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein. Literally writes regarding Weinstein, that he “doesn’t deserve a bullet.”

In some sort of imagined history of it, Thurman had come to the realization that Kill Bill was not a movie really, but a prediction—a road map, what P.M.H. Atwater would term “future memory.”

Now, in front of millions, she lives out the role, becoming the cathartic collective “channel” for all this angst. Bill=Harvey. It was a road map, both parts of this movie, and she was channeling it and Quentin Tarantino was channeling it and now here we all are.

thurman-instagram.jpgIn our lives, there come moments (if we are lucky; if we are able to work ourselves to that level of self-reflection and awareness) in which we realize that we are “the cheese”—as Terence McKenna once said of Philip K. Dick’s VALIS experiences—that we have now officially stepped into the role we were preparing our whole lives for.

Oftentimes, it’s not exactly the role we expected. Oftentimes…the role we thought was “meant to be” was merely a preamble or vehicle to get to the real role, the really important stuff.

I feel, in terms of my own life, that I’m almost there. I really had a deep sense yesterday that I was on the right path, doing what I was meant to do. At the same time, I also realized that what I want to do—and certainly a lot of that is what I am doing here on this site—flies in the face of what I have been advised my entire life is the “right” thing to do.

And so we look back to our old heroes, our privately constructed personal legends. Maybe the answer was obvious the entire time. We are born with it, this answer—and then a good part of our lives is spent being convinced by others that it is not the answer, and then if we’re lucky we clear past all that and finally accept who it is that we really are.

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