Slow-Acting Parasite From Vietnam Might Be Killing Vets


Parasites…now there’s a topic. There is still so much about parasites that we don’t understand, the most infamous examples being ones like Toxoplasma gondii, which literally manipulate animals (including humans) into behavior that is beneficial for the parasite and its offspring.

Parasites also can be quite long-lived and stealth, as this recent VA study has demonstrated. Liver flukes, which are rare in the U.S. but endemic to the rivers of Vietnam, are now found to have given some veterans a rare form of bile duct cancer—over 50 years after they’ve been in the service!

The flukes silently worked through these unfortunate men’s livers through the decades, like a time bomb. And now a number of them are coming down with the cancer, called cholangiocarcinoma.

Unlike the victims of Agent Orange, these vets have only very recently discovered that the liver flukes they ingested in Vietnam are most likely the culprit of their devastating illness. Which means less benefit money from the VA—assuming they are able to get any benefits at all by proving the disease was acquired in the jungles of Asia.

As I wrote at the beginning of this post—there’s still so much more about these tiny, ubiquitous creatures to discover. I’ll definitely do an article on the mind-controlling ones in the future.

In the meantime…support your Vets!!!

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