2018 Thoughts And Forecasts

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I did run the tarot cards on a whim today, for each month of 2018. The reading definitely gave an organic “shape” to the year, and felt consistent. Instead of going over every card and every month, I’d rather just do a chill stream-of-consciousness thing with not so much “predictions” as rather general vibes I get about the coming year…

A note on my methodology: for each month I pull one card for general world events, another for the Universal energy, and yet another from a different deck to get more clarity. I use these only as guides and “springboards” for the writing that is to follow…

January to March 2018: A “Dark Patch”

First thing, the cards indicated a definite “dark patch” between January to March, and again from October to November. In January in particular I got two “Justice” cards, plus “Interference” (8 of Swords)…”An interference with Justice.” I think the whole Russia/Trump investigation might get really messy and really ugly that month. It doesn’t feel like the end of Watergate, but somewhere 2/3rds in where more and more bad things pile up.

“Piling up” is an apt expression here…in 2017 we dealt with a lot of revelations, but not a lot of resolutions. Even with all the Hollywood scandal stuff…we have a lot of firings and so on, but the full resolution has, in most cases, not happened yet. And with something like North Korea…the other shoe is going to drop eventually. There are just too many war games going on. So you have N.K., Hollywood, Russia/Trump…plus increasingly unstable weather and Earth changes globe-wide (of course, the Earth changes sort of almost mirror the tense energy of the world; because everything is connected)…

And by February you get something actually “concrete” that happens, that moves beyond all the schadenfreude of January…I think you get the military really involved. January-March all feels like a span where the U.S. is involved with something overseas, some sort of military/war situation.

Also in February, there’s a lot of shenanigans in the Media in terms of what we are being told—a lot of controversy. We are told “several stories” about certain things. It will be hard to figure out what is what.

And by March, the U.S. and possibly the whole world is sick to death of it—the fighting, the stress. There is a weariness; and with the U.S. this all just brings up the internal divisions between people even more. Think of the late 60s/early 70s with Nixon and Vietnam and Cambodia but within a far shorter time span. Swap out Manson for super-grotesque happenings and discoveries in Hollywood & entertainment industry, “Hollywood Babylon”-level stuff. Not only new revelations, but a shocking fallout after the fact.

And yet—paradoxically, or not-so-paradoxically—there is a particular attachment the public has to the Fantasy worlds of entertainment during this first quarter of the year, and moving straight through the Summer. Especially sort of…”throwback,” retro, “family” entertainment. Intense escapism, but not into Dystopia. Not Game of Thrones, but back to a more sanitized “Lord of The Rings,” or even like mid-to-late-80s type stuff.

Consumer confidence is not high during this part of the year; people are unsure about the economy and worried. They are worried about the future. Many feel that there is nobody really in charge, and yet serious things are happening that require people to be in change. There is a despair, and intense type of frustration. And as I wrote earlier, division between people are really at the breaking-point.

April 2018: “Peace”

But in April (thank God), a lot of the negativity and strife clears up. There is literally an “official” Peace that is announced. A “Judgement” is pronounced on several matters, which partially brings on this peace. But there has been some “secret” decisions and deals behind-the-scenes that have also helped bring this war/strife/schadenfreude to a close.

May to August 2018: Optimism

May is a time where many people are in a much better mood, but rather exhausted. There is a rising optimism, but it is not grounded in really working towards solid goals—but rather falling into more mass-fantasies. At least people are spending a bit more money and helping the economy along…

And this type of “optimism” travels right through the Summer. There might be a “hiccup” in May/June with some sort of nutcase doing something stupid which then becomes the media obsession. Also in June, there is some sort of fairly significant decision made by some country about their direction/leadership/etc.—it involves yet another “Judgement.” There is a “realigning”.

As the Summer continues, this feeling of “truce,” peace, optimism, etc. continues. Maybe some of it is being willfully ignorant; or not having all the facts. Some really big “obstacle” or stuck energy or dark energy has been pushed out of the way or nullified. There is almost a “hysterical” sort of joy.

July/August leads into an even deeper level of this lighter energy I’m talking about. If you are worried about finances, finding/keeping a job, or your the state of your own business, the Summer might be a more positive & abundant time for you; make the most of it.

September to October 2018: Worries Return

September is where the Trouble first starts to return. There is an immovable Power going up against Interference. It might end up being a Global situation. This very strong “female” energy accompanies this..it could almost be about weather/earth changes.

And October is again an uncertain time, albeit perhaps blown out of proportion by media hyperbole. People own a lot of things…but they don’t want to “lose” any of it<–think of this, but in this collective and metaphorical sense. Many people want—demand—this sort of reassurance about things. But things a) were not fully sorted when people were hoping they were and b) it’s just not going to be this simple. The society and the world and how we do things needs to change more; we need to grow and evolve. But we haven’t done enough of that.

And there is still crap from the previous year—things that were messed up, financial things, a lot of negligence—that has to be addressed. There is a fallout, a natural reaction to the actions.

November 2018: A Setback

A setback might happen in November that would be pretty significant. We get a return to this sense of dread and Futility that we started the year with.

December 2018: Back On Course

But somehow, in December things get back on course—albeit with a very firm hand & a need for people to really take charge of the situation as if the adults finally entered the room.


Taking a longer view, I believe it is going to be very “up and down” until 2020—at times tumultuous. One reason for this is that the very foundations of our technology, workplace, and financials are mutating quite dramatically. And of course along with this is a mutation in society. And another reason is, as I’ve mentioned before: a lot of bullshit has gone on within the last two years, the last five years, and also for decades. And a lot of that bullshit is getting revealed, called out to the carpet; and that can be a really messy process.

2020 marks, in many ways, the beginning of a new era. 2012 was more like the…beginning of the “falling apart.” But 2020 is like what 2012 was “meant” to be in the minds of a lot of people who sort of got this romanticized version from the New Agers and the media & then got very disappointed when it didn’t happen.

Lastly, if I feel like something bad, or dark energy, might happen here or there—it doesn’t mean that this will happen to you personally. In fact, my biggest advice to you in regards to 2018 is: create your own curated world, headspace, etc. in which to live, away from the chaos and BS around you. This doesn’t mean sticking your head in the sand; but it means that it is truly going to be a time where bad energy or a sort of “indolent” energy could snare you in. Don’t be a “sponge” for the collective zeitgeist. Stay your own course.

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