12.26.17: The Ten Videos That Defined 2017 (At Least, To Me)


I’m not scheduled to return to this blog until the beginning of January, but I did want to post this collection of the clips, shows, and videos that to me defined 2017.

Enjoy! There should be a lot of spoilers.

10. January 2017
Santa Clarita Diet: trailer

9. January 2017
Split: “Rejoice!”
The more visceral elements of Personal Transformation, part two.

8. February 2017
The Lego Batman Movie: “Joker Means Nothing To Batman”
As far as I know, the only time the Joker has ever been truly hurt in the feels.

7. March 2017
Lasagna Cat: “7/27/1978”

“This is the best cult I’ve joined so far.” — YouTube comment

6. March 2017
Legion: Pink Floyd scene
“Run rabbit run; dig that hole, forget the sun”

5. April 2017
Father John Misty: “Total Entertainment Forever”

Some real Nostradamus-level shit right here about the rest of the year.

4. September 2017
Twin Peaks Finale: “What Year Is This?”

3. September 2017
Rick and Morty: “President Morty”

2. December 2017
Mr. Robot: Elliot Confronts Mr. Robot
“Because as much as there is a part of you in me—there is a part of me in you.”

1. December 2017
Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor Regenerates
Personal Transformation, revisited.

See you in 2018!