Holy Blood, Holy Scully: The X-Files Season 10 Finale

I’m…totally not saying that Dana Scully is the Merovingian Goddess-Mother of the Upcoming Aeon Changeover. No, not at all.

Note: The premiere of The X-Files season 11 is January 3rd 2018.

“My Struggle,” the first episode of The X-Files season 10, ended with everybody going batshit paranoid insane—the New World Order apparently carrying out its fascist plot to take over the world.

We had a bunch of largely standalone episodes in-between, and when we finally got to the season finale, “My Struggle II”…everybody was still going batshit paranoid insane, and the New World Order was still carrying out its fascist plot to take over the world.

…but we also got some serious Alien Mother Goddess stuff going on, which was kind of interesting!


We open with a Scully “exposition montage” narrative that is clearly the bookend to the one Mulder did in the first “My Struggle.” But whereas her partner’s recap of the series focused a lot on real-life conspiracy theories—Roswell, ancient aliens —hers is far more personal. In fact…it really seems to be saying that the matrix of all conspiracies sort of…lead to her body. Her blood, to be precise. Her DNA. Her womb.

This is starting to sound like some Holy Blood, Holy Grail business. More on that later.

The montage ends with Scully…morphing into a grey alien.

nope. nope. nope.

OK, maybe that was just a metaphor for her alien DNA—and God knows, there have been “dream sequences” in this season before—but it just felt sort of “out of place” as such a storytelling conceit. It felt like, for a few seconds anyway, it actually belonged with the rest of the narrative…and that would open up a whole new can of worms.


But let’s just assume, for the sake of the story and overarching Grand X-Files Mythos, that Scully is indeed not a shapeshifting grey alien, and the morphing sequence was just a metaphor. OK. Good.

So next, Hollywood’s version of Alex Jones, Tad O’Malley, calls Scully to Mulder’s apartment—which seems to have been broken-into, files strewn everywhere (a nod to Philip K. Dick’s own alleged 1971 “break-in”? I’m probably looking too much into it).

Upshot is, Mulder’s missing. A new type of virus is gripping the world. People are showing up at the clinic Scully works at with big ol’ virusey sores where they might have gotten a (dum-dum-dummmmm…) VACCINATION, perhaps??? And Tad O’Malley is apparently “the sole voice of authority” as civilization as we know it seems to be going tits-up.

“I’m too old for this shit.”

Meanwhile, Mulder is apparently as sick as shit and driving purposefully towards a particular location. Where in the world is Mulder? Well, thanks to his web browser and cell phone, Agent Miller (the young hot CW Network version of Mulder) locates him in like two seconds (good thing he’s working for our side!).

While that is going on, Scully and Agent Einstein (the CW version of Scully) try to figure out what this mass “plague” is that’s going around. Scully gives the “smallpox vaccination  was possibly a NWO plot to reduce the population” speech. Scully also says that her alien DNA is the only thing protecting her immune system—great to see it’s good for something (other than possibly giving her shape-shifting abilities).

“So in exchange for immortality I stick cigs in his neck-hole. Not great, but not TERRIBLE.”

Then Scully gets a mysterious call from…Agent Reyes! Who’s sort of now the Cigarette Smoking Man’s asexual concubine at this point in exchange for a “cure” to the plague (all she does is shove cigarettes into CSM’s neck-hole, which seems sort of a like a reverse blow-job that curbs appetite cravings).

Turns out, the NWO planned this all along—the virus, the vaccinations, the plague. They did it based on alien prophecies regarding Earth Changes, and the plot started on 2012. “The aliens predicted all this.” But CSM is offering to save a select few by giving them the sacred alien DNA—if only that he has someone left after the Apocalypse to watch Game of Thrones with.

“Hi, I’m Tad O’Malley and this is barrrrfffff!”

Tad O’Malley, who is now also sick, valiantly continues to produce his show and talk about some wharrgarbl involving graffiti, chemtrails, and…

It was at this point that the episode was paused, and I was asked:

Is this why you’ve been taking photos of those x’s in the skies for the last several years?”

I laugh nervously. We continue with the show.

As close as we’ll ever get to a Cigarette Smoking Man “O” face.

Mulder confronts CSM and holds a gun to his head. CSM explains that Scully was “saved” by the DNA, and Mulder could be too. That the human race is about to be massively culled, but the “chosen ones” (eye roll to back of skull) have been chosen to survive. Mulder is like “I’d rather die.” CSM—who is revealed to have half his face blown off and was wearing prosthetics—is like “have it your way you ungrateful bitch” (no, he doesn’t actually say that).

Scully realizes that she has the means to save the entire world—she’ll make a vaccine out of her alien DNA sacred blood. Most vaccines=bad, but the Holy Scully Vaccine=good.

“As we can see in this diagram, most vaccinations are the evil work of the NWO to cull the herd—UNLESS they’re derived from my holy Scully bloodline.”

Agent Miller takes a dying Mulder out of CSM’s lair and rushes against time to meet up with Scully, who is toting around the sacred alien blood in big ol’ IV bags as the world crumbles around her. Scully reaches Mulder. He’s in such bad shape, she notes, that her alien blood won’t be enough. He’s going to need “stem cells.” They must reach their child, William, in order to save Mulder’s life—but she admits she doesn’t know where her son is.


Just then, right on cue, a triangular space-craft appears, shining its lights on Mulder and Scully. The End.


So in the end, Chris Carter sort of ditched the “ripped from the headlines of Infowars” New World Order storyline he started the season with and settled into something a lot more elemental and ancient: “My Struggle II” (and, perhaps by implication, the entire series mythos) is just a retelling of the Grail legend.


Scully is the Holy Grail of this entire story—literally! The Grail has symbolized, among other things, the sacred bloodline (which would be the “chosen ones” marked for saving that CSM mentioned) and the womb (Scully gives birth to possibly alien hybrid William). She is both the Virgin Mary (with William being a Jesus-like “super-human” figure) and Mary Magdalene (supposedly the wife of Jesus and the one who starts the Holy Bloodline).

This “Mary” link is clear not just by the fact that she’s a Catholic in the series and wears a prominent golden cross, but that in this episode there are a few shots of her standing in front of a “Mary” stained-glass window in what I presume is a church.

“OK, so then Jesus knocked up Mary Magdalene, and…”

I can’t even properly call this a “mashup” of the Holy Grail myth with the aliens, because in some versions of the “Jesus Bloodline” story, this bloodline IS linked with aliens. (long story, no time to tell it at the moment)

In an earlier Season 10 episode, “Founder’s Mutation,” the recipients of the alien DNA do have “superhuman powers.” Furthermore, the classic episode “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” indicated that it is Scully’s fate to be “immortal”…and now we know why!

The Trinity: Scully, William, and Mulder

Further, this can all be linked up to the idea of “holy triads” in Egyptian mythology, with Scully being Isis, the oft-absent Mulder as Osiris, and William as Horus. William is obviously the harbinger of the New Aeon, the Aeon of Horus—an Aeon that can go either “dark” (if he teams up with Cigarette Smoking Man and the NWO) or “light” (Scully as Isis/Mary).

William going through an apparent “awkward period”

At any rate, I find it absolutely fascinating that while Chris Carter chose to begin this season with the “Macrocosm” and “literal conspiracy” (UFO tech, the evil government overlords, etc.), it ends on the “Microcosm” and “esoteric conspiracy” (Scully’s blood/womb/DNA plus the Grail/Messiah symbolism).

Is it any wonder that the last shots of this episode are the triangular (pyramidal?) spaceship in the air and a close-up of Scully’s eye?


I’m just saying.

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