7 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Might Fail (And Why You Shouldn’t Give Up!)


“It’s a new year,” you might say to yourself…”the perfect time to make a Change.” And it just might be…certainly, there is heavy symbolism attached to the idea of one year ending and another one beginning.

Other other hand…picking January 1 as the date to start serious life-changing resolutions might not be the most effective move you can make. Here are seven reasons why:

7. The Beginning Of The Year Can Be Stressful
Picture it: it’s January 2 or 3 and you’re back at work. There’s a lot to catch up on—emails, phone calls, tasks. The commute can be sluggish and cranky. And there is the low-level disappointment that the holiday is indeed over and there’s no vacation time to look forward to for a while.

Is this when you want to stop drinking or eating carbs? Is the very beginning of January the best opportunity to kick in your positive thinking regimen? There seems to me to be a possible built-in disadvantage here.

6. You May Be Broke
Have you spent a lot of money on presents, travel, entertaining, and other expenses this past holiday? And rent is due January 1st? This can present all sorts of challenges to the implementation of your New Year’s Resolution (except for maybe the whole “saving money” thing…because you don’t have any money left).

It’s harder to re-up a gym membership, buy healthy food, and pay for any # of services when you’re broke from the holidays. And the financial crunch may hurt your spirits, making it harder to stick to your resolutions.

5. Everybody’s Doing Their Resolutions At The Same Time
At first glance, this should be a good thing: you and your fellow humans all in the same boat, high-fiving each other as you try to put your resolutions to practice.

Seems like a lot of pressure and “comparing” to me. Plus: the most crowded gyms!

4. Leftovers From The Holiday
Here’s one for those keen on dieting or going on the wagon come top of year. You might have a lot of…leftovers from the holiday in your house. Candy, cakes, cookies, and possibly lots of booze. Certainly, you can’t let them all go to waste? It wouldn’t hurt to just eat some holiday cookies in the first week of January, just to finish them off? And those beers in the fridge are like…”free beers.” They are still part of the holiday, you see.

Only you “cheat” like that, feel awful, and end up calling the resolutions off because you feel like a slug.

3. Harsh Weather
If you live in parts of the world locked in a deep freeze during the first months of the year, scheduling your big resolutions starting New Year’s might be a particular problem.

It may be hard to travel to appointments, the gym, and other places. And your body may want to get into more of a “hibernation” mode…feeling less active, increased sleeping, more prone to eat carby foods, and etc. That’s…pretty natural, that’s what other animals usually do. Now imagine instead you decided to start your resolutions in, say, May or July.

2. Too Many Big Expectations
Since January 1st comes only once a year, you might attach a HUGE amount of expectations and significance to the date for your resolutions. And the problem with that—outside of just the whole “expectations” thing, which can be a wee bit toxic—is a sense of “all or nothing.” You might feel that if you can’t make that resolution for 2018 happen…then you just missed your “opportunity.” The boat has sailed. Maybe try again in 2019.

When the truth is—you have 365 days you can choose from to start changing your life!

1. You Should Not Be Motivated By A Fad, But By Deep Inner Conviction!
And so…I finally get to the nugget I was working towards this entire post. The really important and consistent positive life changes you make in your life—the ones that last—will often not come from some suggestion on a morning talk show or magazine regarding an overly-hyped holiday and “shoulds” you need to follow.

When you are truly ready to make these changes…when that inner “signal” inside yourself goes off and you are ready to perform some personal alchemy…well, it can happen at any time. You just have that “sense.” This does not mean that it won’t require hard work and determination, or that there won’t be temptations and temporary obstacles in your way. But the motivation to Change will come from something deep, true and organic…not a gym flier with a coupon.

And one of the ways you can tell if you are really ready to change and stick to those resolutions is if you use the word “should” a lot regarding them. If you do—if it’s a “should” and a means to an end rather than something you genuinely look forward to in and of itself—you’re not ready.

Why do you want to eat healthier, or be more positive, or go to the gym, or stop an addiction…you do it because you genuinely want to enjoy life. You do it because you want to enhance your life purpose and put yourself in a bette position to help others. And you do it because you know it is time for you to Evolve.

And that time can happen at any time. Even now.

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