RE: X-Files Season 11 Premiere

“What the what now?”

Just a couple of words on the “twist” revelation for The X-Files season 11 premiere. Complete spoilers ahead…

So basically, it turns out that Fox Mulder is not the father of Scully’s alien hybrid baby.

No, the Cigarette Smoking Man is.

CSM drugged her, and had her impregnated with his DNA mixed with alien stuff.

So if we go back to the Holy Blood, Holy Scully theory, this pretty much means Scully was impregnated with Satan. (meaning that young William is the alien Antichrist)

For those that aren’t familiar with the X-Files lore, CSM is basically the “king” of all conspiracies, was probably responsible for the JFK assassination, and is generally a pretty shitty guy.

Cigarette Smoking Man

Then there is this whole angle, that I can’t understand how series creator Chris Carter could have failed to anticipate the fan rage over—that CSM drugging Scully in a car and then having his semen implanted into her is pretty much rape.

But Carter did anticipate all this! Witness his explanation to Entertainment Weekly:

He didn’t rape Scully. He impregnated her with science.

Which of course brings to mind that classic 1980s pop hit, “He Impregnated Me With Science.”

So there you have it. A 25-year personal investment in this series has come to this.

Agent Dana Scully: impregnated with science by Satan with the alien Antichrist

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