Bruno Borges To Give Away TAC Books For Free After Friend Sues Him


Every once in a while, just as a “pet project,” I check in on the status of the Bruno Borges story. Borges was the Brazilian young man who disappeared last March, leaving behind a temple-like room filled with encrypted books and a life-sized statue of philosopher/occultist Giordano Bruno. In his absence, the first of the books in his series—TAC – Knowledge Absorption Theory —was translated and published as a bestseller.

Borges reappeared in August of 2017, and has had a mixed reaction to the spotlight. In addition to facing some criticism of his book (at least in the mass-media), he apparently now has to contend with one of his friends suing him for a cut of the publishing rights.

If we go back to when Borges was still missing, authorities had discovered that he had allegedly composed some sort of contract with his friends Marcelo Ferreira and Márcio Gaiote, as well as cousin Eduardo Velloso. The contract guaranteed 15% of the sales revenue from Borges’ books to the men in exchange for helping him disappear & arrange his room.

Authorities tried to use this contract as evidence that the Borges disappearance was an elaborately planned hoax, something denied by Borges himself—who claims he merely needed to get out of town for a while and get his head back on spiritually away from other people.

Well, now Márcio Gaiote is suing Borges for his cut of the publishing rights to TAC—money changes everything, I guess.

In response, Borges has decided to give away the rest of the books in the 14-volume TAC series away on the Internet for free. While the first volume has already been published and sold, and Vols. 2 & 3 are just about to be released, the rest of the line will be offered gratis to the public.

Said Borges (translated from the Portuguese):

You will say that you will publish all my free works, and that everything I write will be free for the rest of my life…My wish is that it be all for free. I always wanted this, I would tell Marcelo this before I could isolate myself. I think I made a mistake and I want to fix this mistake. No money worth it like that. I do not even have the heart to tell people that this was my mission. I do not even believe it anymore…

The first volume of TAC sold 20 thousand physical copies for $24.90 a piece. Borges is currently out of the country.

I think I can probably put all my Portuguese lessons to good use now.