When I Follow My Heart, Good Things Happen


When I follow my heart, good things happen—almost effortlessly. Doors and amazing opportunities open up for me, often through (and accompanied by) synchronicity.

When I do not follow my heart—but instead try to do what I “should” do or only what is socially expected/acceptable to do—I suffer

Let me give you a concrete example of this from my own history; maybe you can relate, and/or this will illuminate a similar situation in your life.

In August of 1993, I had suddenly dumped the classes from my “vocational” track at college. I was in a program to become an elementary school teacher—though what I really wanted to do was study literature & creative writing.

Not stimulated by almost two years of these courses, I just freaked out that Summer and dumped them. I was going to indeed pursue the English degree.

Hence, I would get no more $ from my family to help pay the tuition—because now I was pursuing something “frivolous” and not “a sure thing.”

So there were two problems:

1) I had to scramble at the last minute to find open courses which related to my new academic path.

2) I had very little $ to pay for said classes.

So I took the last bit of money I had in the bank and used it for an eclectic but much more interesting set of classes.

One of these was some rando “Core History” class. There, I met a professor who would later that semester suggest I try out for a particular scholarship—which I got, and which paid for a good deal of my future tuition.

It was a very specialized scholarship, and most likely had I not been in this class—this rando class I scrambled to get at the last minute because I decided to follow my heart—I would not have received it.

Through that scholarship, I received other scholarships and awards that paid for a good deal of my tuition moving forward (including a trip to England to study Shakespeare).

Now, because it was so hard to find new classes on such short notice, I decided to take an internship for credit. The office I entered to apply for the internship ended up being the wrong one—BUT, the boss from that department had been looking for an actual assistant, and hired me on the spot. So now I had a paid job at my school, which gave me the rest of the money I needed to attend my classes.

In the internship example, there were two coincidences: first, I was driven to search for internship credit because I was scrambling for classes—had I not left the elementary education program, I would not have done so. Second, I entered the wrong office for the (unpaid) internship…but instead found an office who at that very moment was looking for a paid assistant.

So to me, it felt like in this strange way the Universe was encouraging me to pursue the English degree. Once I had made that decision, I received all the money I needed to pursue it. And indeed, the years that followed were greatly rewarding—far more so than had I taken the vocational degree.

Now, some of you might be thinking: “but you can’t make money off of an English degree!”

And that’s what I thought too when, buoyed by outside pressure, I decided to not pursue a PhD program in English or an MA in Creative Writing but instead be sensible and get a job in Corporate America learning Serious Skills.

What followed was like the exact opposite of the process I had just described to you. A comedy of errors and grave—often outrageous—misfortune. Every step of the way, despite hard work and some small victories, everything felt like…the Universe didn’t want me to continue doing this. Like I had some sort of vital potential that I was continuously wasting.

There was continual resistance.

And yet I persevered.

And yet there was continual resistance.

And yet I persevered for over 20 years down that track, because I felt that though I was not exactly following my heart, I was “doing the sensible thing.”

Towards the end of that period of my life, things started to get really ridiculous…I had one boss who suddenly stopped paying me without warning, then I left that job and found another boss who repeated exactly the same thing (and even looked very similar in physical appearance!). Coincidences and synchronicities…but going in a negative instead of positive direction.

When I follow my heart, good things happen—because I’m going with Flow, because I’m going with the will of the Universe to carry out my unique life purpose.

When I do not follow my heart—I suffer