The Relationship Of Body To Soul


We are souls operating upon this planet using biological vehicles. These vehicles have a life and “soul”  of their own, without us…the same type of consciousness that animates most animals. We bond with that consciousness—that body—at birth.

But it is important to remind ourselves every once in a while that that soul and body are not the same.

For example, there are some biological vehicles with no “driver.”

There are biological vehicles where much of the driver’s consciousness has “checked out.” These seem to operate largely on a primal “autopilot.” This is called “soul loss.”

Sometimes the body itself “rejects” the soul. Sometimes the soul decides to leave the body because of current conditions, medical issues, or disgust.

Sometimes the soul is pushed out by sinister forces. Sometimes the soul is not the type that usually inhabits these animal bodies.

But in general: a human is a blending of soul and animal-body.