Why Are We Here?


I was thinking of topics to write about and I figured…why not just start at the Top?

Why Are We Here? 

We are immortal souls who have incarnated in this world within biological vehicles/interfaces for the purpose of having unique experiences. These experiences are had in order for your soul—which is a part of a much larger Soul, which is ultimately the All—to Learn.

Now, why did your soul choose to incarnate here? In this place that contains so many seeming limitations and occasional unpleasantnesses? Why not in Ice Cream Land instead?

Because this world contains the types of specific resistances and challenges that helps us Learn.

How Challenges Help Us 

By being challenged—in a way that only living within this world of seeming limitations can provide—we learn and grow in the following ways:

  1. It helps us define ourselves: by encountering things we do not want, we learn what we do want, and therefore who we really are.
  2. It helps us appreciate positive experiences: by using negative experiences as context, we can appreciate positive experiences more. Without that contrast, we may not recognize positive sensations like rest or “fitting in” with your own soul group for what it is.
  3. It helps us learn vital lessons: you may not know what it is like to achieve something of great meaning like having a really deep friendship, or enduring in order to achieve a goal, unless there are challenges in the way to overcome.

Many of the alternate worlds we could have incarnated in wouldn’t have had the sort of…visceral quality of the challenges and limitations that Earth provides.

What Are “Worlds,” Anyway?

“Worlds” are various “scenarios.”

Uh…What Are “Scenarios?”

“Scenarios” are fully-realized “modules” (I know, I keep reaching for metaphors here) that contain related and interlocking environments, ecosystems, and biological/chemical/metaphysical elements; ruled by its own set of laws and internal/external structures. They may also be bound by particular time-space parameters.

Are These Scenarios “Natural” or “Created” By Some Higher Intelligence?

They are both “natural” and created by some higher intelligence(s).

So…We’re Talking “Simulation Theory Here?” Like, Reality Is Just A Video Game?

Well…sort of. Here’s where it gets kind of tricky, and where some people go off the rails.

In a way of looking at it, this world we live in is a type of “simulation”—kinda like a “game”—in that we are immortal souls stepping into it, and one day we are going to step out of it and realize it was “only a game.”

That does NOT mean, however, that the “game” is of little consequence; that now that we are “woke” about the “matrix,” we can just brush shit off. This is why using the “video game” metaphor is really misleading. This scenario we are currently in…it is really important. Really, really important. And we can’t brush it off. We can’t even brush off our biological vehicles/interfaces. Doesn’t work that way.

Also: it does not mean that once you better understand the nature of True Reality, you can right now change it to whatever you want it to be.

But doesn’t this then contradict what many metaphysical thinkers and self-help gurus have said, that we create our own reality?

You Can Create Your Own Reality…BUT:

Even I’ve posted or mentioned that standard New Age nugget: “you create your own reality.” And it is sort of true…but like the video game scenario, it can be easily misunderstood.

Your Immortal Soul, by virtue of it being a part of the collective/unified Oversoul, can create its own reality…

…but YOU reading this now—the ego-identified form bonded to body that you are right now—may have very different “wants” in terms of an ideal reality than your Immortal Soul.

So you may be trying to “create” your ideal Reality…using focusing, positive thinking, maybe even a sigil or two…but meanwhile, your Immortal Soul, who has the “bigger picture,” may be like “nah.”

So before you can even attempt to really do some serious reality-engineering, you need to take the journey to your True Self.

And what you’re gonna find is that, after taking that journey for a while, some of the things you thought you wanted—that you were super-convinced you wanted—you don’t want anymore.

And that’s all about Personal Alchemy, and we’ll touch on that, Reality Building, accessing your True Self, and so on in the weeks and months ahead.

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