Don’t Let Rotten People Ruin Things You Love


Have you ever met a rotten person—or rotten people—who ended up “ruining” something you loved? You know: you had a bad experience with them, they were “linked” to something you enjoyed, and then every time after that experience you couldn’t:

Listen to that song anymore
Read that author anymore
Enjoy that hobby anymore
Follow that religion anymore
and so on?

I’m here to tell you from experience: don’t let that happen.

When you let that happen—when you let this rotten person ruin this thing that previously gave you joy—it’s almost worse than whatever they could have done to you.

You see, normally when you get hurt, the things you personally love—the books and philosophies and activities and so on—they are still there to give you solace, support, and personal enrichment. In a sense, these things you like…they nourish your soul, they are a part of your True Self.

But when those beloved things are linked to a rotten person—maybe the person is an “expert” in that field, or approached you specifically about those things you like, etc.—you may start to avoid those things in order to avoid thinking about that person. You may even feel as if the fact that you liked those things at all was “responsible” for this unpleasant interaction. (In other words: you end up blaming yourself)

But the truth is: there are rotten people EVERYWHERE. In every type of field, hobby, religion, art form, and etc. In fact, some of the noblest, most enlightened groups and philosophies sometimes specifically attract rotten people who are both attracted to the light generated and see the people who participate as easy “marks.”

And I especially mean not only traditional religion but all types of “alternative” spiritualities. Rotten people troll groups which encourage openness and love in order to find vulnerable souls to exploit. Rotten people often set themselves up as “experts” at various spiritual disciplines in order to place themselves in a position of (sometimes unquestioning) power.

And sometimes rotten people are simply Archonic individuals who seek to poison the entirety of a positive and progressive mindset, movement, or other enterprise SPECIFICALLY to undermine its efficacy in changing lives for the better. They see the Light, and they want to taint it. They see the innocence, and they want to take it away. They want to increase the chaos in the world. They enjoy when these avenues of spirituality and expression are “infected” with this chaos and held to the public as ineffectual or even harmful.

But if you abandon the things you loved because of these people, you not only deprive yourself—you deprive others the benefit of your perspective and participation. You deprive the world the benefit of your voice. And that’s what rotten people want. They want a) power (they’ve managed to change your life by getting you stop doing what you loved) and b) the corruption of the Light (a “shadow” has now been cast on the thing in question, if only in the smallest, most individual way).

So whether its the sexual-assaulting celebrity in your chosen field, the crooked spiritual guru, the fake feminist dude who turns out to be a massive asshole, the super-progressive who talks a big game but has no problem exploiting her workers, the hypocritical preacher, and so on and so on…FUCK THESE PEOPLE.

Seriously, fuck these people. Keep doing what you love. Keep worshipping in a way that gives you peace. Keep fighting for justice. Keep writing or acting or dancing or whatever it is that is your life’s purpose.

Don’t let these turds poison what you in your heart know is Good.

Know that there are still good, trustworthy people out there. There are good men and women. There are good spiritual and social leaders. There are still people who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. There are still True Believers.

And you can be one of those good people who keeps the balance in favor of the Light. Because we need every single one.