On Channeling


At some point several years ago I had to accept that a good deal of the writing I had been doing up to that point—both the fiction and non-fiction, including comic book scripts—had sort of “flowed” out of me. This was especially true for the better material. In fact, for the best material…I sometimes didn’t have to plan it out or even really think about it at all. For the best material, it seemed as if the sum total of my conscious contribution was my right hand banging away at the keyboard (I only type with one hand; weird, I know).

I “flirted” with the idea of channeling in the mid-1990s. I had a friend who claimed she could do automatic writing, and I wanted to try it for myself. Such attempts seemed stilted and phony—the results feeling like writing self-serving fiction.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had already probably been doing some variation on channeling since at least the mid-1980s—only, I labeled it all “play,” “stories,” “imagining,” “poetry,” and so on. It was basically being in Flow and just letting the material emerge. There was no conscious planning involved. It just “happened.”

So we can say, really, that in one sense, everybody can “channel”—whether the material in question is being channeled from one’s subconscious, or Higher Self, or from an extra-dimensional space creature of some type (Torgo The Loquacious, perhaps), or possibly even the left brain simply talking to the right brain.

Like every skill, some people can do this more easily than others.

The material I wrote that seemed to be more “channeled” than consciously planned out had several characteristics:

a) They were written fast.

b) They were of better quality (yikes, that kind of makes me—conscious me, Ego Me—feel like crap).

c) I often didn’t remember writing some or all of it—didn’t remember the process, sometimes didn’t even remember parts of the content at all.

d) They did not need “outlines” or other types of structure tools.

e) They sometimes contained deeper mythological/religious/metaphysical metaphors or allusions I did not consciously plan to put in there.

f) They sometimes even contained precognitive material, sort of like a dream.

Again: where did this material come from? It could have been as simple as saying: from my subconscious. Freud would say as much. Jung would go one step beyond that and say that I might have delved into the Collective Unconscious. A metaphysical type of individual might talk of my Higher Self (or even Torgo the Loquacious).

Heck…I’m doing it right now. Right as I write this post. And actually…I think I know “who” I’m at least partially “channeling” here (if I am indeed doing that at all. I’m truly open to numerous interpretations).