The Incredibly Improbable Chance Of Your Existence


We can lament on the bad way things were in the past—and not without good reason to do so—but if one single thing was changed in the past, you (reading this now) would not exist.

I mean…some other version of you would still exist (maybe; hopefully). But not current You at this moment with everything you have going on (including possibly certain friends, lovers, family members, jobs, pets, completed creative projects, and etc.).

You are the extremely unique result of a very specific set of circumstances. If the slightest thing was changed in the past before your birth, You would not exist; and if you did exist, it would be an existence alien to who you are right now.

To get a full picture about how paradoxical and downright weird this all is…let’s say you are a very empathetic and noble soul who would rather have not existed at all in exchange for “fixing” the past for others. Then even that noble intention wouldn’t have existed. The very fact that you are capable of having that intention…and having these thoughts…is attributable to the incredibly improbable chance of your existence.

And that Incredibly Improbable Chance is a result of a long long long chain of events—both great and sometimes terrible.

But one thing you can’t say is…you aren’t somebody special.

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