Technological Vs. Spiritual Evolution


The problem is that in general, humanity has evolved technologically far faster than it has spiritually. This is a recipe for disaster, because the sensitivity and empathy for others is just not there in large enough amounts to temper the explosion of technological growth & lead it down truly humanitarian pathways.

You would have to ask yourself, regarding Elon Musk’s latest stunt—how much of that will ultimately benefit humanity by promoting more research and resources into space travel and colonization, and etc.? (Theoretically laying down the groundwork for off-world living and enduring the continuity of the species in the face of possible dangers to Earth)

OR: is it mostly a masturbatory fan-wank for boys who can afford expensive toys?

Is there more energy in science and technology circles today towards uplifting humanity as a whole…or in reshaping it into something more “pleasing” and convenient?