The Ritman Library Digital Archive Of Occult Texts Is Online: Here’s Some Selections

from “The Phoenix: An Illustrated Review Of Occultism And Philosophy” by Manly P. Hall

A while ago I wrote about the large digital archive that Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown helped fund for the Ritman Library…well, now it’s officially online, and it doesn’t disappoint!

We’re talking about complete scans of 1,600+ rare occult texts from the late 15th Century onwards. It’s pretty incredible, actually, that people can just access this once-obscure material from any Internet connection around the world. Talk about your modern-day Library of Alexandria.

I’ve bookmarked a bunch of these texts to dive into when I have the time, and I’ve included links to them below. Since I admittedly mostly read English (though I am learning a fair bit of Portuguese), these will be in that language.

The Rosicrucians: Their Rites And Mysteries, by Hargrave Jennings

The Phoenix: An Illustrated Review Of Occultism And Philosophy, by Manly Palmer Hall

The Principles Of Light and Color, by Edwin D. Babbitt

Notes on Nirvana, by G.R.S Mead

The Real History Of The Rosicrucians, by Arthur Edward Waite

The Dream Of Ravan, A Mystery, by Anonymous

A Key To Physic, And The Occult Sciences, by Ebenezer Sibly

The One Primeval Language, by Charles Forster

Azoth; Or, The Star In The East, by Arthur Edward Waite

A New Analysis Of Chronology, by William Hales

The Lives Of The Adepts In Alchemystical Philosophy, by Anonymous

from “A Key To Physic, And The Occult Sciences” by Ebenezer Sibly