Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Who Did You Want To Be?


If you are still struggling to figure out your true Life’s Purpose, one of the sure bets you can try is to examine what you really wanted to do when you were a child. Whether it’s what you specifically desired to be when you grew up, or just interests you had when you were very young—it’s very likely that these are indicators of what you were always meant to do.

And it doesn’t need to be literal—though sometimes it is. You could have always wanted to be an astronaut as a kid; for a select few, that childhood goal actually literally manifests in adulthood. But for others, it might mean that they have a naturally questing and adventurous spirit. Regardless, recognizing that this questing spirit is part of your True Self is extremely important.

You may have played at being a teacher when you were a child; you possessed that innate drive to inform and enlighten others. Then you grow up to be a widget salesperson, and you wonder why you don’t feel fulfilled. It’s because you were meant to teach in some capacity—whether that’s grammar school or college or tutoring or whatever.

When you first incarnated in this lifetime, your “memories” of your True Self—Your Immortal Soul—were still fresh. You weren’t distracted and discouraged and even “tainted” by Society yet. Instead, as a kid you were very much in touch with that essential nature.

When I was an adolescent, I told my Mom that I wanted to be a philosopher. She responded by telling me that was stupid. She said I would never make money doing that, and that she would never financially support me in that educational endeavor.

Was my mother just being cruel? Actually, she was just reflecting what larger Society believed. In a world where even teachers get paid extremely low wages…what chance did a philosopher or a theologian or a priest or a shaman or anybody like that have?

So I kept trying to find “legitimate” careers to step into. The paradox was, those careers left me feeling empty inside. But the pressures of society are: pay your rent and eat and feel empty emotionally/spiritually, OR fulfill your Life’s Purpose and live a life of material instability. Which is the worst fate? Which is the best fate?

One “solution” is to find a happy medium between the two. Alternate between years of working for “The Man” (and saving up some money) and then pursuing your passion. Or get creative and find a very particular job that satisfies both sides. Or work on your Life’s Purpose in your free time.

It can all be a bit more nerve-wracking and “messy” than some self-help books and programs can lead you to believe. But the bottom line is: you do need to address and acknowledge this Life’s Purpose. To ignore it would be fatal to your soul’s evolution (at least in this lifetime).

That child with his or her dreams and goals…that’s your True Self. That child doesn’t go away, he or she just gets buried and suppressed over time. But the answers are still there, if you look.