“The Number 23” WAS A Tribute To Robert Anton Wilson!

actor Bud Cort as Dr. Sirius Leary from “The Number 23″…a character I’m pretty sure was modeled after Robert Anton Wilson

On my other blog I’ve done a big update on my original overview of the 2007 Jim Carrey movie The Number 23. I had suspected upon my first viewing that the character of “Dr. Sirius Leary” was based on philosopher/author Robert Anton Wilson. The character looked like Wilson, the movie was based on The 23 Enigma that the writer helped popularize…and Wilson even passed away one month before the movie was released.

the real Robert Anton Wilson

Now I’ve uncovered an archived copy of a interview the writer of the movie did that was published on the day of the movie’s release (February 23, naturally). And in it, he confirms that he was a fan of Wilson’s and that the script reflected Wilson’s theories.

So the whole Sirius Leary thing was not even a synchronicity…it was purposely done as a tribute to Wilson!

If you go through the entire post…this movie has really really really¬†weird resonances around it. If you go by the theory that concentrating on the number 23 only brings stranger and stranger synchronicities and circumstances to you…gee willikers!